Business optimization perspectives

GSCI Thumbnail.png         Total Value Optimization™ 

GSCI white paper: End-to-end supply chain collaboration best practices

Data-Analytics-Perspectives-cover.jpg         Data Analytics 

Actionable insights to optimize operations and implement an on-demand supply chain

Capitalize on Growth 2018 Thumbnail.png         Supply Chain Optimization 

Is your supply chain and manufacturing operation set up to capitalize on growth in 2018? 

Global Commodities Insight Thumbnail-774956-edited.png        Global Supply Chain

Act now to protect margins in a rising commodity market

Conv in C-Suite Transformation for Growth Thumbnail.png           Chemicals and Oil & Gas

Conversations in the C-Suite: Transformation for Growth

Brexit F&B Thumbnail.pngFood & Beverage

Be a Brexit winner: 4 steps every food and beverage CEO can take

Perfect Storm Thumbnail.png         Chemicals 

M&A Outlook: Where perfect storm meets perfect opportunity 

SK Insights thumbnail.png           Total Value Optimization™

Step-by-step supply chain transformation

Accelerating time-to-completion in Aerospace Perspective.png           Aerospace

Accelerating time-to-completion in aerospace

M&A Pitfalls Thumbnail.png         Mergers and Acquisitions

5 common M&A pitfalls to avoid 

Union Part 2 Thumbnail.png         Operations Excellence

From conflict to cooperation: repairing the union-management relationship. Part Two 

Conf to coop thumbnail.png         Operations Excellence

From conflict to cooperation: repairing the union-managment relationship. Part One

Gulf Corridor Chemicals-by-RailChemicals

Beating the chemicals-by-rail congestion challenge in the Gulf Corridor

UK Productivity Thumbnail.png         Industrial Manufacturing & Services

Five short-term productivity improvement initiatives for UK manufacturing in 2017

Restaurant-Margin-Improvement.pngFood & Beverage

Improving margins in your multi-unit restaurants

Timing-of-Operating-Improvements.pngPrivate Equity

The timing of operating improvements across the investment lifecycle


Capturing value and minimizing threats in a volatile market

Private Equity

Opportunities and challenges in the European Private Equity market

Construction Q&A Thumbnail.jpg         Industrial Manufacturing & Services

A 2-5% EBITDA improvement opportunity for the US construction industry

Maine_Pointe_Food_Processing-11.pngFood & Beverage

Accelerating EBITDA and cash improvement in your Food Processing business

Six Ways Insights Thumbnail.pngSupply Chain Transformation

Building a competitive advantage in the supply chain 

S&A Thumbnail.png         Chemicals 

Challenges and opportunities in the Sealants and Adhesives market 

100M-EBITDA-Opportunity.pngOil & Gas

A $100M EBITDA opportunity for oil refiners

Food & Beverage

Opportunities and challenges for the UK Drink Manufacturing and Food Processing industry

From-Farm-to-Home.pngFood & Beverage

From Farm to Home: Shrink reduction across the entire value chain 

Golf Cart Thumbnail.png         Operations Excellence

Reduced cycle time equals increased speed, growth and profit 

Procurement Myths Thumbnail-268423-edited.png        Strategic Procurement 

Busting three of procurement's biggest myths 

Supply Chain Excellence.png         TVO ™ Supply Chain Performance

Right product, place, time & quantity. Seven sources of latent value across the supply chain 

JG Insights Thumbanil.pngSupply Chain Optimization

Unlocking value in your supply chain 

Checklist_moving_to_TVO_Thumbnail.jpgTVO™ Procurement

Moving beyond the historic orientation on controlling costs


Six practical initiatives US Chemicals executives can implement now

TVO™ Procurement

From cost containment to strategic value creation

 Oil & Gas

How to survive and thrive in an oversupplied market

Cover_Image_Operational_Due_Diligence-1.png         2016 Snapshot Survey Results

The importance, techniques and value derived from Operational Due Diligence

Maine_Pointe_Operating_Partner_Survey.jpg2015 Snapshot Survey Results

Status and trends in the use of the Operating Partner concept in the Americas and Europe

Checklist_moving_to_TVO_Thumbnail.jpgTVO™ Procurement

Moving beyond the historic orientation on controlling costs