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Business optimization perspectives

GSCI Thumbnail.png         Total Value Optimization™ 

GSCI white paper: End-to-end supply chain collaboration best practices


Data-Analytics-Perspectives-cover.jpg         Data Analytics 

Actionable insights to optimize operations and implement an on-demand supply chain

Act now to avoid transportation crisis thumbnail-294657-edited         Logistics/Transportation  

CEOs need to act now to avoid transportation crisis hitting their business hard

Five key factors to creatind a demand-driven supply chain thumbnail-723102-edited         S&OP 

Five key factors to creating a demand-driven supply chain

Overcoming challenges in an era of rising rates-Thumbnail-091265-edited         Logistics Outlook 

Overcoming challenges in an era of rising rates

Four ways advanced data analytics thumbnail.png        Food & Beverage

Four ways advanced data analytics is disrupting the F&B supply chain

Overcoming Supply Chain Complexities Thumbnail.png        Global Supply Chain

Overcoming supply chain complexities

Capitalize on Growth 2018 Thumbnail.png         Supply Chain Optimization 

Is your supply chain and manufacturing operation set up to capitalize on growth in 2018? 

Conv in C-Suite Transformation for Growth Thumbnail.png           Chemicals and Oil & Gas

Conversations in the C-Suite: Transformation for Growth

Overcoming Carrier Capacity Q&A Thumbnail-709900-edited        Logistics/Transportation

Overcoming carrier capacity challenges and disruptive logistics models 

SK Insights thumbnail.png           Total Value Optimization™

Step-by-step supply chain transformation

EBN Digital Supply Chain Thumbnail.png         Digital Supply Chain  

You need to change. But how?

Accelerating time-to-completion in Aerospace Perspective.png           Aerospace

Accelerating time-to-completion in aerospace

Global Commodities Insight Thumbnail-774956-edited.png        Global Supply Chain

Act now to protect margins in a rising commodity market

Brexit F&B Thumbnail.pngFood & Beverage

Be a Brexit winner: 4 steps every food and beverage CEO can take

Union Part 2 Thumbnail.png         Operations Excellence

From conflict to cooperation: repairing the union-management relationship. Part Two 

Conf to coop thumbnail.png         Operations Excellence

From conflict to cooperation: repairing the union-managment relationship. Part One

UK Productivity Thumbnail.png         Industrial Manufacturing & Services

Five short-term productivity improvement initiatives for UK manufacturing 

Restaurant-Margin-Improvement.pngFood & Beverage

Improving margins in your multi-unit restaurants

M&A Pitfalls Thumbnail.png         Mergers and Acquisitions

5 common M&A pitfalls to avoid 

Perfect Storm Thumbnail.png         Chemicals 

M&A Outlook: Where perfect storm meets perfect opportunity 

Construction Q&A Thumbnail.jpg         Industrial Manufacturing & Services

A 2-5% EBITDA improvement opportunity for the US construction industry

From-Farm-to-Home.pngFood & Beverage

From Farm to Home: Shrink reduction across the entire value chain 

Maine_Pointe_Food_Processing-11.pngFood & Beverage

Accelerating EBITDA and cash improvement in your Food Processing business

Timing-of-Operating-Improvements.pngPrivate Equity

The timing of operating improvements across the investment lifecycle


Capturing value and minimizing threats in a volatile market

JG Insights Thumbanil.pngSupply Chain Optimization

Unlocking value in your supply chain 

Food & Beverage

Opportunities and challenges for the UK Drink Manufacturing and Food Processing industry

Private Equity

Opportunities and challenges in the European Private Equity market

Gulf Corridor Chemicals-by-RailChemicals

Beating the chemicals-by-rail congestion challenge in the Gulf Corridor

100M-EBITDA-Opportunity.pngOil & Gas

A $100M EBITDA opportunity for oil refiners

Supply Chain Excellence.png         TVO ™ Supply Chain Performance

Right product, place, time & quantity. Seven sources of latent value across the supply chain 

Procurement Myths Thumbnail-268423-edited.png        Strategic Procurement 

Busting three of procurement's biggest myths 

Six Ways Insights Thumbnail.pngSupply Chain Transformation

Building a competitive advantage in the supply chain 

TVO™ Procurement

From cost containment to strategic value creation

S&A Thumbnail.png         Chemicals 

Challenges and opportunities in the Sealants and Adhesives market 

Checklist_moving_to_TVO_Thumbnail.jpgTVO™ Procurement

Moving beyond the historic orientation on controlling costs


Six practical initiatives US Chemicals executives can implement now

Golf Cart Thumbnail.png         Operations Excellence

Reduced cycle time equals increased speed, growth and profit 

 Oil & Gas

How to survive and thrive in an oversupplied market

Cover_Image_Operational_Due_Diligence-1.png        2016 Snapshot Survey Results

The importance, techniques and value derived from Operational Due Diligence

Maine_Pointe_Operating_Partner_Survey.jpg2015 Snapshot Survey Results

Status and trends in the use of the Operating Partner concept in the Americas and Europe