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    Client Testimonial Videos

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Client Testimonial Videos

The president of a specialty materials and chemicals company talks candidly about how Maine Pointe helped his organization switch from tactical to strategic procurement and delivered a double-digit increase in EBITDA.

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The CEO of a specialty chemicals manufacturer talks about how Maine Pointe's step-by-step, methodical approach helped his organization achieve double-digit EBTDA results. 

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The CFO of a automotive components company discusses how Maine Pointe was able to help his company break down functional silos, improve global strategic sourcing and realize $12M - $13M in actual savings. 

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The VP of operations and supply chain at a specialty materials and chemicals company, shares how Maine Pointe helped drive improvements in working capital & manufacturing efficiencies and double EBITDA. 

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See how Maine Pointe helped the world's largest fertilizer enterprise with their long-term transportation and distribution strategy.

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