Engagement Successes

jw aluminumFounded in 1979, JW Aluminum (JWA) is a leading manufacturer of specialty, flat-rolled aluminum products primarily serving the HVAC, building and construction as well as light gauge converter foil and flexible packaging end-use markets in the U.S.

JWA has grown from a startup capacity of 40 million pounds to over 372 million pounds today. Headquartered in Mt. Holly, South Carolina, it was purchased by Wellspring Capital Management in 2009 and employs over 770 associates at four facilities.

  • Maine Pointe engaged its Strategic Procurement experts to help JWA realign its procurement team and implement best practices for sourcing goods as well as for enhancing its professional environment. Maine Pointe successfully transformed the JWA team through knowledge transfer and leadership, resulting in annualized savings of over $10M.