Maine Pointe's Perspective on the evolution of operations

tvo-operations-small.pngCreating a competitive advantage through Operational Excellence

Over the years, new operations management techniques have been deployed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations. Whether it’s Business Process Re-engineering, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma or Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems, today’s companies need to look beyond traditional concepts to stay ahead of more numerous and more global competitors.

Companies that adapt quickly to the new realities and place customer value at the heart of their businesses with a synchronized, informed, and forward-looking operating model have the opportunity to survive and thrive in today’s market.

Organizations striving to create a competitive advantage need to focus on continuous improvement, evolving every aspect of their operations away from a reactive model, moving up the Operations Maturity Curve towards Total Value Optimization™.

The Evolution of Operations


Total Value Optimization™ is achieved when an organization is dynamically able to anticipate and meet demand through the synchronization of its buy-make-move-fulfill supply chain to deliver the greatest value to customers at the lowest cost to business.