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Four Key Themes in Private Equity for 2017: Part Three, A Greater Opportunity for Platform Integration and Process Improvements

In the latest of our series of blogs looking at key private equity themes for 2017, Dan Ginsberg, Bill Shine and Mark McTigue explore how platform integration and process improvements can lead to significant value creation.


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Four Key Themes in Private Equity for 2017: Part Two, The Impact of An Increase in Corporate Divestitures

Dan Ginsberg, EVP and Mark McTigue, VP, Private Equity discuss the significant impact an increase in corporate divestitures is having on the market.

At the beginning of the year, we set out four key themes that we believed would have a significant impact on the PE market this year. Now that we are beyond the halfway point of 2017, we’re taking the opportunity to dive deeper into topic two on our list: An increase in corporate divestitures. We will examine the bearing this has had on the PE market so far this year and what continued impact it is likely to have as the year progresses.

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Adapting to Private Equity's New World Order

Dan Ginsberg, EVP and Teresa Garti, VP, Private Equity discuss why PE executives are increasingly focusing on operational improvements to quickly generate the returns they require.

Earlier this year, we gave you a brief overview of four key themes that we believe will have a significant impact on the PE market in 2017. This month, we’re diving a little deeper into the first of those themes; how and why PE executives, particularly those operating in the middle market, are turning their attention to operational improvements in order to achieve accelerated value creation.

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Four Key Themes in Private Equity for 2017

Last year we saw continued strength in the private equity markets, despite some deterioration in deal volume and an increase in the inventory of portfolio companies.

As we are now firmly into the 1st quarter of 2017, I wanted to share with you some of the key themes that we at Maine Pointe believe are going to have the most significant impact on the private equity markets going forward.

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Post Acquisition Integration: Driving procurement synergies and improvements across five business units

CEOs with experience in doing mergers and acquisitions are all too aware that the real challenge often begins after the deal closes and they turn their attention to the work that’s needed to drive the expected value from their acquisitions. Success is governed, less by what you buy, but by what you do with it after you’ve bought it and how well you do it. 

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Increase Your Competitiveness through Supply Chain Disintermediation

The fortunes of an organization can rise and fall on the relationships it has with its suppliers. Companies who fail to actively manage their supply chain place their business at risk of becoming uncompetitive in their market or paying inflated prices to incumbent suppliers for lower quality goods. In this situation, disintermediation or 'cutting out the middleman' is an attractive concept for many companies who want to drive competitiveness, improve product time-to-market and get the best possible deal via global sourcing.

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Breaking through functional and cultural barriers to drive value post-acquisition

Most PE firms expect to encounter some teething problems when it comes post-acquisition integration. Left unattended, the problems caused by cultural and functional silos will grow, causing significant challenges within the newly acquired company. However, with the right management approach, it is possible to break down silos to bring about sustainable change and prepare the business for sale.

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Breaking down the silos between operations and procurement functions

Most executives today recognize that a ‘silo’ mentality within an organization is a barrier to growth and efficiency, yet many still struggle to synchronize procurement, operations, manufacturing, logistics and fulfillment operations to anticipate demand and effectively meet customer requirements. There are many benefits to breaking down silos, the most obvious is that you will save money but more importantly it will enable you to improve both your supplier and customer relationships.
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Opportunities & Challenges in the European Private Equity Market

Jorg van der Zanden, Managing Director, Europe and Dan Ginsberg, VP/Industry Partner Private Equity, US share their perspective from both sides of the 'pond' on how recent developments and future trends present both challenges and opportunities in the European Private Equity market.

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Overcoming Rail Logistics Congestion in the Chemical Industry

As shale gas becomes a game-changer for the US chemicals industry it will, in all likelihood, promote growth within the chemicals market. However, the negative side of this change is that it is also slated to become a significant factor in constricting transportation capacity, with shale oil and fracking materials consuming rail cars and tank trucks.

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