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    Our Approach

    Hands on • Results driven • Implementation focused

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    Client Success Stories

    Delivering results, not reports

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A specialist operational implementation consulting firm with a difference

We deliver compelling economic returns to our clients by accelerating performance improvements in EBITDA, cash flow and growth through:

We achieve this by implementing a uniquely integrated approach from analysis, leadership and organizational alignment through to implementation and sustainability. Our goal for clients is to help them implement a synchronized buy-make-move-fulfill supply chain. This is optimized to anticipate customer demand patterns at the lowest cost to business through Total Value Optimization™.

Benefits to our approach

  • Accelerated, sustainable improvements
  • Measurable bottom-line results
  • Projects are underwritten by our unique 100% Engagement Fee Guarantee = low risk
  • Cost reduction
  • Improved throughput, time to market and enhanced customer experience
  • Synchronized buy-make-move-fulfill supply chain optimized to anticipate customer demand patterns through Total Value Optimization™

Our values-based approach

We typically engage with executives and their teams across procurement, operational, and logistics functions to drive out inefficiencies for enhanced customer and shareholder value. By embedding our Leadership and Organizational Improvement methodology within our implementation projects, we drive immediate impact and accelerate sustainable operational change. Our core values of accountability, teamwork, character, service excellence and personal growth are at the heart of everything we do at Maine Pointe. We are committed to building a company that is sustainable, not only financially, but also socially and environmentally. We reflect this commitment in the way we work with our employees, contractors and clients and in terms of how we contribute to the wider community and the world around us.

Analysis - Phase 1

Most projects begin with an analysis, whereby we work with you to:

  • Understand your company’s strategies and priorities
  • Identify and quantify the real opportunity
  • Articulate areas for value creation
  • Identify current constraints, risks and barriers 
  • Create a robust and measurable business case with a clear ROI
  • Develop a pragmatic roadmap for accelerated results

Implementation - Phase 2

We then work with you and your teams to:

  • Align your leadership and operational teams with the strategic imperatives and transformation agenda
  • Implement the improvement goals defined during the Analysis phase
  • Hold regular progress meetings to ensure that we are still “tracking” in regards to initiatives, cash flow and savings targets
  • Infuse best practice and deliver a quantifiable ROI
  • Train, mentor and enhance internal teams for sustainable performance
  • Deliver substantiated savings, supported by Maine Pointe’s unique guarantee

Continual Value Enhancement - Phase 3

  • Implement new approaches and their attendant methodologies, processes, infrastructure, and behavioral changes
  • Perpetuate value creation through cost reduction, revenue enhancement, and productivity gains
  • Integrate the Maine Pointe sustainability framework to substantiate and leverage new sources of value creation

Large general consulting firms do not have the accountability that is inherent to how Maine Pointe operates. Our goal is to complete the task we agree to, in the defined timeframe we determine with the client, and deliver the specific range of result that we commit to. Our clients re-engage us because we earn the right to do more work."

Steve Bowen, Chairman and CEO, Maine Pointe

Clients Speak

One of the many strengths of the Maine Pointe team was their communication and collaboration skills. Maine Pointe personnel worked closely and effectively with our executive leadership and cross-functional teams to identify and capture significant savings across the enterprise-wide spend portfolio. I would recommend Maine Pointe to any company looking to significantly improve their supply chain service offering and to enhance the overall effectiveness of their company.”

Jamie Better, Chief Executive Officer, Nellson

 Maine Pointe promised us industry experts and delivered. They promised us savings and delivered. They promised to leave us with a sustainable process that would continue to yield benefits years down and they delivered. All of this was done while maintaining and strengthening supplier relationships that we have had for more than 20 years. I have the highest regard for Maine Pointe and am happy to recommend them to any company.”

        Rory Leyton, President and CEO, Hoffmaster Group, Inc

 Maine Pointe’s approach to partnering is superior to other consultants I have worked with. The very disciplined methodology they employed delivered greater results, significantly faster than we could have achieved ourselves."
        CEO, Multibillion-dollar Chemical Company

Many consulting firms will ask questions about your business and regurgitate it to you as a solution to the problem. Maine Pointe’s approach was to deploy very knowledgeable technical detailed resources on the ground that worked hand-in-hand with our employees to understand the operation and develop the right tools for the business to drive the success we needed. From my experience, this sets Maine Pointe apart from other consulting firms.” 

Gary McCloskey, VP Operations and Supply Chain, EaglePicher Technologies