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    Client Success Stories

    Delivering results, not reports

Step-by-Step TVO Implementation 

CS188 Thumbnail.pngTransforming the supply chain into a competitive weapon for a global chemicals company in a complex post-merger environment. 


  • Delivered $112M of benefits
  • Aligned and infused sound practices across logistics, procurement and operations
  • Established the foundations for a culture of innovation to drive Total Value Optimization™
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Driving Supply Chain Improvements Across Two Continents and Five Countries

CS210a Thumbnail Image-1Improving end-to-end supply chain cost, cash and growth in a complex, high-tech global industry. 


  • Improved EBITDA by 32%
  • Reduced global procurement spend by 10.9% Improved operational efficiency by 6%
  • Improved supply chain maturity from below level 2 to above level 3 on the 5-level TVO Maturity Pyramid™
  • Aligned global strategic sourcing, focus on supplier conditioning and leverage negotiations
  • Rationalized 3 internal manufacturing facilities leveraging EMS suppliers and lower-cost internal operations
  • Established accountability and enhanced collaboration and integration in all phases of sales, inventory, operations and planning
  • Reduced errors and ineffective supplier selection through enhanced new product introduction process

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Supply Chain and Operations Transformation

CS217a ThumbnailAccelerating measurable, sustainable improvements in operations excellence and procurement in a high-tech, low-volume production environment


  • Increased revenue by 27% in one plant and 16% in another by improving throughput to capitalize on growth opportunities
  • Enhanced procurement competitiveness and drove double-digit savings across UK business units
  • Improved forecasting, management visibility, KPIs and inventory control as part of an enterprise-wide sales and operations planning (S&OP) process
  • Infused operational excellence and procurement best practices 
  • Developed a common cross-functional and cross-organizational approach and structure to support corporate strategy
  • Enhanced the supply chain maturity of people, processes and capabilities
  • Achieved a 3:1 engagement ROI in year one leading to a 5:1 ROI in year two
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Moving to a center-led strategic sourcing organization to drive change

CS222a ThumbnailBuilding collaboration across 18 business entities in seven countries and five continents to improve EBITDA and release cash.


  • Released $51M in cash Improved EBITDA by 12% in ten months
  • Delivered a 6:1 ROI
  • Delivered average savings from 9% to 33% across parts, materials and logistics services, frequently exceeding the client’s initial expectations
  • Implemented demand forecasting tools that provided warning of market shifts
  • Created visibility for improved decision making through advanced data analytics
  • Ensured sustainability through mentoring and skill transfer
  • Implemented supplier relationship strategies for new and existing suppliers

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Establishing a durable "trusted partner" relationship

CS223a ThumbnailTransforming from tactical to strategic procurement to unlock value for a market leading provider of systems and services to the transportation and defense markets.


  • Reduced global procurement spend by 10.5% over 17 major product categories
  • Category savings up to 50% in some areas
  • Exceeded client’s cost saving expectations
  • Established a measurable, sustainable, auditable process to ensure continued savings
  • Earned a “trusted partner” relationship with the client at all levels of the organization
  • Delivered a 3:1 project ROI

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Creating a strategic co-manufacturing environment in an asset-light organization

CS216a ThumbnailDriving value from contract manufacturers and third-party fulfillment companies fueled investment in innovation.


  • Established a more mature forward-looking S&OP process with action metrics and dashboards
  • Improved overall supply chain maturity to 3.3 on the 5-level TVO pyramid
  • Developed global supplier diversification to better manage risk and transparency
  • Provided inventory analysis for optimization and slow-moving and obsolete stock reduction
  • Aligned corporate goals with ORCI® roll-down
  • Installed implementation governance and toolkits for the organization to sustain and extend gains
  • Identified millions of dollars (exceeding 11%) of savings generation in a rising commodities market

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Optimizing a global supply chain post-merger

CS212a ThumbnailProtecting continuity of supply and consistency of pricing in a volatile global market. 


  • Annualized savings represent a 53% run rate improvement over the previous year’s reported EBITDA
  • Produced over 1,000 product specifications that did not previously exist to support future sourcing initiatives
  • Created supplier optionality in low-cost countries to reduce the risk posed by tariffs on Chinese products
  • Increased efficiency of distribution centers and improved customer service
  • Trained and mentored client team members in the 6-step strategic sourcing process
  • Rationalized existing distribution center opportunities and identified expansion opportunities
  • Reduced distribution network operating costs by 11%
  • Delivered a 3:1 engagement ROI
  • Developed and implemented comprehensive management operating systems to ensure sustainability of engagement benefits
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Establishing a Homogenous Procurement Operation Across Multiple Geographies & Sites

CS220a ThumbnailDriving accelerated value in a high precision, low volume, leading-edge technology environment


  • Reduced global procurement spend in over 32 major product categories by 5.5% (the exceptionally large number of categories added to the complexity of this engagement)
  • Developed strategic sourcing framework for a center-led procurement organization
  • Introduced the best business practices and processes to deliver sustainable results
  • Installed a comprehensive Procurement Management Operating System (PMOS) to achieve the best value while increasing product margins
  • Trained cross-functional team members in 22 sites worldwide to ensure the company has the right people in the right place with the right skills to sustain improvements and support growth

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Protecting Continuity of Supply & Consistency of Pricing in a Volatile Global Market

CS219a ThumbnailPost merger optimization of procurement and logistics networks for a leading home furnishing manufacturer and distributor


  • Generated ~5% in savings in an increasing commodities market
  • Improved procurement maturity through rigorous strategic 6-step procurement training
  • Created and installed a procurement management operating system (PMOS)
  • Established cross-functional teams to analyze business requirements, identify improvement opportunities and execute value creation initiatives
  • Facilitated efforts to align objectives, goal setting and accountability
    Improved EBITDA by 10%

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Unlocking Significant Value In a Co-Manufacturing Environment

CS211a Thumbnail-1Driving TVO by enhancing visibility and control in the procurement function and product mix for a major distributor of nutritional health products.


  • Improved EBITDA by 45%
  • Reduced addressable material spend by 6%
  • Achieved 11% savings in transportation despite industry headwinds
  • Developed a road map to drive millions in unexpected additional synergies that will result in an additional 22% EBITDA improvement
  • Delivered a 4:1 engagement ROI
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TVO Across Four Global Divisions 

CS202a ThumbnailRapidly improving global operations and supply chain capabilities in a diverse business unit and global environment.


    • Released $10M in cash in just eight weeks to drive self-funding momentum
    • Delivered $125M in EBITDA improvements across the organization
    • Added a total of $150M in cash to the bottom line
    • Enabled one division to grow from $1.8bn to $2.3bn within two years and reduce working capital by $30M annually
    • Instituted improvements with rail providers that significantly reduced cost and improved transit times from eight days to just one day
    • Reduced 3PL costs by 10% while significantly improving service worldwide
    • Delivered enterprise wide focus and alignment training
    • Rolled out a standardized management operating system and KPIs across all plants

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Consistent S&OP and Inventory Management Optimization to Release Cash

CS221a ThumbnailWorking side by side with our client's people to drive change across 18 business entities, seven countries and five continents.


  • Saved $2.5M in inventory production prevention in five weeks with a further $3M saving within 12 weeks in the lead facility
  • Increased resource planning forecast from two days to 90 days enabling the optimization of labor spend
  • Within seven months of starting, all 18 subsidiaries were leveraging inventory management tools and practicing a common sales and operations planning process.
  • Released $51M in cash

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TVO Supply Chain Transformation Unlocked Value & Enhanced Company Performance

CS208a Thumbnail-1Rapidly releasing cash, reducing cost and enabling growth to achieve strategic imperatives and profit goals.


  • Achieved total procurement savings of 8%
  • Freed-up $4.8M in working capital to support an aggressive growth strategy
  • Implemented a highly-functional, center-led procurement organization
  • Trained the client’s procurement function on Maine Pointe’s six-step sourcing process to ensure sustainability of savings over time
  • Achieved 14% EBITDA improvement

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Implementing a Global Supply Chain and Operations Platform for Growth

Cs206a Thumbnail-805773-edited Driving value across multiple international companies with different cultures


  • Embedded standardized processes across the organization
  • Developed and installed a tailored global management operating system for operational excellence
  • Built a global supply chain and operations platform for growth
  • Transitioned from operating as two regions to one global organization
  • Aligned and communicated the purpose, mission and values for the integrated company to internal and external stakeholders
  • Improved annualized EBITDA by 21%

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Driving Stakeholder Collaboration Across the Value Chain

CS205a Thumbnail-622022-editedA collaborative, TVO™ approach created a win-win-win-win for our client and its key stakeholders.


  • Reduced materials costs by 13%
  • Reduced transportation costs by 15%
  • Drove stakeholder collaboration
  • Created value and competitive differentiation across the value chain
  • Positioned our client as the primary owner of the digital, demand-driven supply chain solution
  • Enabled growth by establishing the company as a preferred supplier
  • Improved EBITDA by 32%
  • Delivered a ROI of 6:1

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Leveraging Operational Improvements at a Time of Tremendous Growth

CS207a Thumbnail-895038-editedDeveloping a framework for scalable, sustainable change in warehousing and distribution operations. 


  • Drove annualized benefits representing 11% of the addressable spend on packaging and MRO categories
  • Improved visibility to costs, profits and variances to plan
  • Revamped process flows, leading to an 85% putaway volume increase within just four weeks
  • Enabled the acceleration of implementation efforts targeted to achieve annualized labor savings of over $2M
  • Reduced dependencies on contract labor and overtime hours while improving direct workforce productivity
  • Improved embroidery machine utilization by 20%
  • Delivered a ROI of 4:1

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A Tailored Approach to Mitigate Against Cost Increases

CS204a Grimmway Thumbnail-197534-editedDriving measurable value in a firm that isn't accustomed to working with consultants.


  • Drove annualized benefits representing 11% of the addressable spend on packaging and MRO categories
  • Overcame initial anxieties about working with a consultant and built a strong partnership with the client team
  • Installed a supplier relationship management system
  • Trained and mentored team members in the strategic sourcing process
  • Transformed procurement from a tactical to a strategic function
  • Implemented a comprehensive PMOS to ensure sustainability of engagement benefits
  • Achieved a 4.3:1 ROI

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M&A: Driving Accelerated Savings Post-Acquisition

CS203a ThumbnailAccelerating measurable value, reducing risk and driving successful integration.


  • Delivered 50% annualized savings improvement within four months
  • Achieved 20% annualized purchase price variance improvement within four weeks
  • Attained 12% reduction in addressable material spend
  • Realized 16% annualized savings in transportation (despite industry headwinds)
  • Delivered a 5:1 ROI
  • Developed a road map to drive $3M in unexpected additional synergies that, if adhered to, will result in 100% lift in bottom-line EBITDA improvement

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Creating the Conditions for Scalable Growth

CS200a ThumbnailBuilding a professional supply chain and operations platform to facilitate rapid growth at a high-tech and electronics manufacturer.


  • Transitioned products to higher-tier global manufacturers, producing better quality solutions at 25% lower cost
  • Delivered 21% savings on combined procurement, logistics and field installation spend
  • Improved production capacity to support a 20% revenue increase
  • Additional savings boosted product margins by 20%
  • Improved EBITDA by 16%

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Rapid Implementation of S&OP Process Increased Production Effectiveness

CS199a Thumbnail.png

Empowering a supplier to the oil & gas industry with the tools to do things differently, better and in a more sustainable way.


  • Reduced delayed revenue tons shipments by 5%
  • Improved on-time truck loading by 8% by implementing a date management and S&OP system for customer orders
  • Increased production to 3% over forecast through improved scheduling tool
  • Improved production effectiveness and on-time delivery

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Driving Savings in the Light of Increasing Commodity Prices

CS197a Thumbnail.pngDelivering same quality product and increased optionality for offshore contract manufacturing.


  • Achieved $9.7M annualized savings, representing 12% of total material spend
  • Implemented a Procurement Management Operating System to ensure the ongoing sustainability of engagement benefits
  • Realized a 6:1 ROI
  • Improved EBITDA by 25%
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Taking Highly Professional Procurement and Logistics to the Next Level

CS194a Thumbnail.pngUsing operational due diligence and new product introduction to attain value at a leading audio consumer products company. 


  • Achieved procurement savings of 19% with YOY continuous improvement commitments of 5%
  • Made logistics savings of 15% Implemented a more stable, mature and effective product realization process
  • Improved relationships with Tier 1 partners
  • Almost doubled EBITDA
  • Realized a 6:1 ROI
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Driving EBITDA, Growth and Transformation

CS192 Thumbnail.pngTransforming procurement and introducing a 'guest first' approach at a fast-casual restaurant chain.


  • Introduced industry best practices and people assessment tools to measure progress
  • Brought new suppliers into the supply chain, creating competition and sparking innovation
  • Generated downstream value optionality by preparing them for a major renegotiation to transition to a new food distributor agreement
  • Achieved 5% in annualized procurement savings
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CS196a Thumbnail.png

Maximizing Business Value Before Exit

Combining predictive analytics with procurement expertise to deliver measurable value in commodity procurement for a specialty chemicals company. 


  • Achieved a 4.3% reduction of cost with the potential for further savings in the next year. This is a significant saving on the specific category commodities in a low-margin industry
  • Moved procurement organization from level 1.5 to a 2.5 on the TVO Pyramid™ with a roadmap to reach 3.5 in the next year
  • Delivered a 3.6:1 ROI

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Driving Measurable Results in a Low Margin, Specialized IndustryCS195a Thumbnail

Driving measurable results, from due diligence to improved competitiveness, for a specialty paper products manufacturer in a low margin, specialized industry. 


  • Reduced procurement costs by 5% in a low margin environment. This helped the firm cross the profitability threshold to enter new markets
  • Provided a roadmap to drive further benefits
  • Improved supplier relationships to drive value engineering and improve competitiveness
  • Created supplier optionality both domestically and internationally
  • Achieved a ROI of 3:1

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Improving Performance Post-Carve Out

CS193a Thumbnail.pngImplementing new operating processes and procedures to improve competitiveness in a highly complex business environment.


  • Improved true performance visibility across the supply chain
  • Improved gross profitability by 14.4%
  • Achieved a 24% reduction in direct spend and a 23% reduction in indirect spend
  • Realized a 20% reduction in direct and indirect support labor cost while maintaining output per crew
  • Helped transition to an alternate mode of transportation and renegotiate with incumbent carriers
  • Delivered a 3.2:1 ROI
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Improving Productivity by 31% in a High-Tech Defense Environment

CS191 Defense Thumbnail.pngRevitalizing the workforce and rapidly improving procurement and operations at a major manufacturer of battery technology. 


  • Reduced workforce by >30% and transformed the culture to an engaged dynamic workforce
  • Achieved a 31% productivity improvement overall
  • Improved direct labor productivity by 25-53% at each client site
  • Improved visibility to costs, profits and variances to plan
  • Implemented best-in-class strategic procurement processes
  • Decreased supply risk
  • Improve EBITDA by 10% for a company that was already achieving 20% margins
  • Achieved a ROI of 6.4:1
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Building a Collaborative Culture and Enabling Growth

CS187a Thumbnail.pngImproving EBITDA and increasing throughput for a global manufacturer of advanced magnetic materials and products in a highly unionized environment. 


  • Increased production output by 50% 
  • Improved product quality and on-time delivery 
  • Improved management visibility to costs, profits and variances to plan
  • Reduced working capital by $30M
  • Reduced global supplier base by 80%
  • Reduced global procurement costs by 5.7%
  • Reduced global inventory levels by 37%
  • Improved EBITDA by 47%
  • Achieved a ROI of 4:1
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Sustainable Suppy Chain Transformation 

CS190a Thumbnail.pngProfessionalizing procurement and logistics for a specialty chemicals company. 


  • Improved EBITDA by 15%
  • Released 50% of working capital in MRO inventory
  • Saved 26% - contract labor, 17% MRO parts, 15% - packaging
  • Improved shipping performance
  • Moved procurement and logistics up the TVO Maturity Pyramid™
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Combating Disruptive New Business Models

CS184 Colony Thumbnail.pngChanging the company culture at an omnichannel mail order and electronic retail company led to multimillion-dollar savings.


  • Transformed the internal culture, operating model and supply chain
  • Reduced cycle time by 15% and decreased working capital by 25%
  • Implemented data analytics to enhance visibility, improve control and optimize inventory levels
  • Reduced logistics spend by 7-12%
  • Delivered >10% savings on prior-year purchases with a clear strategy to generate further year-on-year savings
  • Improved variable warehousing costs by 10%
  • Saved tens of millions of dollars in procurement costs
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Improving Competitiveness and Breaking Into New Markets

CS186 Thumbnail .pngAligning procurement with product development and operations for enhanced impact in a high tech, high-end market.


  • Enhanced the functionality and value of their existing product portfolio
  • Improved competitiveness
  • Achieved immediate 10% YOY savings on direct materials cost with existing suppliers
  • Improved EBITDA by 10%
  • Moved the company’s procurement team and capability up the maturity curve
  • Identified first ‘quick win’ savings within 12 weeks
  • Implemented best-in-class strategic procurement procedures
  • Achieved a ROI of 4:1 in year 1 leading to 5:1 in year 2
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Taking a "Client First' Approach to Supply Chain Transformation

CS134a Thumbnail.pngAligning rail operations helped the world's largest producer of phosphate and potash achive multimillion-dollar savings.


  • Achieved annualized identified and agreed savings of
    $11.7M to $15.0M in total from a new 7-year freight contract
    with their Class 1 carrier
  • Realized freight rate savings of $6.2M to $9.5M (based on planned volumes), $2.5M blocking incentives, $0.5M growth incentives and $2.5M fleet productivity savings to be realized over 12 months
  • Achieved a 7.3:1 ROI 
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Increasing EBITDA in a Consolidating Market

CS173a Thumbnail.jpegOptimizing procurement to achieve a 20% EBITDA improvement in a limited supplier market. 


  • Improved EBITDA by 20%
  • Reduced raw material cost by 11%
  • Delivered ‘quick win’ savings within 7 weeks
  • Achieved a 45% improvement in payment terms (cash release)
  • Established supplier agreements that guard against price increases and secure reliability of supply
  • Strengthened supplier relationships and implemented a collaborative supplier model
  • Positioned the organization to capture a greater market share in a consolidating market
  • Achieved a 3.5:1 ROI

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Increased Competitiveness in a Global Market

CS109 Thumbnail.pngImproving OEE, reducing costs and enhancing customer service for a global food company.


  • Increased processing production from a weekly average of 7.7M lbs to 9.2M lbs
  • Improved total plant operating costs by 15%
  • Enhanced leadership staff development, team building
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Exceeding Exit Value Expectations

CS189 Thumbnail.pngOptimizing the supply chain to fuel growth for a leading specialty chemicals company.


  • Centralized procurement and logistics operations
  • Exceeded PE owner's expectations for exit value and helped facilitate rapid sale of the business
  • 16% EBITDA improvement
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Implementing a Procurement-Shared Service

CS182a Thumbnail.pngHardwiring collaboration across product engineering, procurement, operations and commercial teams to drive productivity and supply chain innovation. 


  • Delivered annualized savings of 3.3% across 20+ direct and indirect procurement categories
  • Improved EBITDA by 8.4% and delivered a road map to increase this to 15.9% in 2017
  • Lowered inventories and stretched payment terms to save $2M in working capital
  • Achieved a 3.3:1 ROI in 2016 with potential for a 5:1 ROI included in the 2017 road map
  • Moved the procurement organization up the maturity curve
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Implementing an Integrated Global Supply Chain

CA101 Manufacturing Thumbnail.pngTransforming the supply chain to increase revenue and EBITDA for a global industrial goods company.


  • Delivered 14% immediate-term EBITDA improvement
  • Identified a further $10M in savings
  • Reduced administrative and MRO costs by 15% and transportation spend by 18%
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Formalizing Strategic Sourcing and Cross-Functional Commodity Teams

CS120 Thumbnail.pngMaine Pointe helped a restaurant and entertainment business with 84 locations across the US and Canada make the shift from transactional to strategic sourcing. 


  • Realized >30% savings on some subcategories 
  • Achieved a ROI of 6.4:1
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Achieving a 180° Change in Culture

CS180a  EPT Thumbnail (new).pngLeadership and alignment around change was crucial to helping a specialty materials and specialty chemicals company tap into new commercial markets.


    • Reduced workforce by >30%, for a company achieving 20% margins, and transformed the culture into an engaged, dynamic workforce
    • Achieved a 31% productivity improvement overall
    • Improved direct labor productivity by 25-53% at each client site
    • Improved EBITDA by 9% 
    • Achieved a ROI of 6.4:1
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Achieving Successful Post-Merger Integration

CS177a Thumbnail (new).pngVendor consolidation and process alignment helped a global chemicals company combine two companies into one multibillion-dollar organization.


    • Aligned leadership and maintenance teams behind a common goal to reduce costs and improve accountabilty and control post merger
    • Delivered 14% annualized savings with long-term commitment for future year-on-year savings
    • Infused procurement and operations best practices
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Driving Cultural Change 

Driving Cultural Change.pngAligning procurement and stakeholders behind a set of common goals helped a food processor improve communication and break through functional silos.


  • Savings of 5% against addressable spend and identified a further 5% reduction for the following year
  • Sustainable cultural and operational change across the business
  • ROI of 3.5:1 in year 1
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Overcoming Rail Capacity Challenges

CS181_thumbnail.pngA comprehensive review of their outsourcing strategy helped a Chorovinyls manufacturer increase rail car availability, reduce costs and improve service through insourcing.


  • A total financial impact in excess of 20% savings on rail car expenses
  • Increased capacity that reduced the rail car fleet by 40 cars with potential for 100-car reduction
  • Helped the supply chain organization meet their savings targets for the year
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An Innovative Approach to Supplier Sourcing

An Innovative Approach to Supplier Sourcing. jpgSupply chain disintermediation helped a world-leading food processing and distribution company gain greater control of the price and quality of globally-sourced goods.


  • 50% of required volumes switched to direct sourcing from low-cost countries
  • 27% saving in delivered costs of quality product
  • Increased visibility and speed of reaction to changing market supply and demand profiles
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Standing Up a Carve Out

Carve_out_Thumbnail.pngOur PE experts helped stand up a carve out for a multinational business in a very short period of time.


  • Created a stand-alone supply chain capability in just 14 weeks
  • Ensured no disruption in trade for the new entity
  • Established over 1,300 purchase orders with non-essential suppliers
  • Negotiated terms that were as good or better than the parent company
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Accelerating EBITDA and Reducing Working Capital

CS178__thumbnail.pngOur Total Value Optimization™ approach helped a major chemicals company take their high-performance operations and procurement to the next level.


  • 26% EBITDA improvement
  • Delivered a cash neutral project with a 17-week engagement
  • Reduced the cost of manufacturing by 10%
  • Reduced the cost of raw materials by 5%
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Infusing Procurement and Supply Chain Best Practices

Infusing-Procurement-and-Supply-Chain-Best-Practice_Thumbnail.pngOvercoming procurement complexities and forming partnerships in low-cost countries paved the way to organization transformation for a supplier of branded parts in the automotive aftermarket 


  • 79% EBITDA improvement
  • Annualized savings of $600K delivered in just 8 weeks
  • 20% YOY savings on direct and indirect material and logistics spend
  • ROI of 10.4:1
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Integrating and Driving Procurement Synergies Post Acquisition

Post acquisition integrationWe helped a home décor company integrate a single, homogenous strategic procurement organization across five business units while improving EBITDA and cash.


  • Consolidated 5 business units into 1 high-performing strategic procurement function
  • Achieved a 6% direct materials cost reduction and identified a futher 6% reduction for the following year
  • Identified a new opportunity that will deliver 4-8% improvement in revenue
  • Delivered an 18% reduction in airfreight within 8 weeks
  • ROI of 4:1 in year 1 leading to 6:1 in year 2
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Moving Logistics and Procurement up the Maturity Curve

CS099 Thumbnail.pngWe helped a North American Crop Nutrient & Ingredients producer improve its logistics and develop its first ever international strategic procurement function.


  • Delivered total annualized savings of $17M
  • Reduced the carrier base from 399 to just 9 core and 30 regional carriers
  • Achieved a 7:1 ROI
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Instilling a Quality Culture

Instilling_a_Quality_CultureWe helped a manufacturing company build a consistent and professional management capability and quality system to facilitate growth.


  • 22% production throughput increase
  • 333% improvement in overall final 1st pass quality
  • Increased organizational communication and effectiveness at all levels
  • Reduced order backlog from 6 months to 2 weeks
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Increasing Global Competitiveness

Increasing_Global_CompetitivenessImproving product time-to-market, quality and supplier optionality while reducing costs. Maine Pointe helped an apparel manufacturer and marketer put in place a structure to onboard new suppliers, qualify and build supplier optionality while improving their competitive position.


  • 17% increase in new supplier introduction rate
  • 5% cost reduction in year 1
  • 9% additional savings in years 2 & 3 as client adopts further savings projects and charters identified by Maine Pointe
  • ROI of 3.4:1 in year 2
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Post-Acquisition Integration

Post-Acquisition_IntegrationBreaking through functional and cultural barriers to help a specialty equipment manufacturer and service provider drive sustainable change.


  • Sustainable savings across direct and indirect procurement categories
  • 30% reduction in headcount
  • Best-in-class processes and procedures infused into the organization
  • ROI of 4:1 in year 1
  • ROI of 6:1 in year 2
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Aligning Procurement and Operational Strategies

Aligning_Procurement_and_Operational_StrategiesBreaking down silos by simultaneously addressing procurement and operations functions. We helped a global packaging company to transform its financials.


  • Annualized savings of 56% net income
  • 14% improvement in throughput
  • $2.5M delivered to bottom line within 17 weeks
  • 56% EBITDA
  • ROI of 3.3:1
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Creating a Competitive Advantage

Creating_a_Competitive_AdvantageCreating a sustainable competitive advantage through procurement excellence. Maine Pointe helped a leading geosynthetic lining manufacturer to increase the field of global suppliers, improve competitiveness and rebuild damaged customer-supplier relationships.


  • Immediate and sustainable savings of 4% YOY on direct materials costs
  • Annual EBITDA benefits of $7M
  • First major savings delivered in just 10 weeks
  • ROI of 4.6:1
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Delivering Transformation & Financial Goals

Delivering_Transformation_and_Financial_GoalsPost-acquisition alignment and accelerated transformation for a PE firm’s portfolio company. Maine Pointe was challenged with aligning company leadership and operations teams with the PE firm’s strategic objectives and delivering on transformation and financial goals.


  • Procurement cost savings ranging between 18%-30%
  • Annualized EBITDA $5.9 million
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Reducing Direct Materials Spend

Reducing_Direct_Materials_SpendReducing direct materials spend for a performance materials company. Maine Pointe helped our client bring down direct materials costs and strengthen their position as a world-class procurement organization.


  • Reduced annualized costs by $24M
  • 10% reduction of cost on direct materials impactable spend
  • Improved savings visibility and procurement performance
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Award Winning Fleet Optimization

Award_Winning_Fleet_OptimizationAviation field services optimization for a $50bn integrated energy company. In this award-winning engagement, Maine Pointe was tasked with optimizing our client’s own-fleet utilization to reduce costs while maintaining quality of service.


  • Annualized Savings of 20%
  • wn aircraft utilization improved by as much as 96% up from 75%
  • Overall fuel use reduction of 28%
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Reducing 3rd Party Ground Transportation Costs

Reducing_3rd-Party_Ground_Transportation_CostsReducing ground transportation costs for a major integrated energy provider. Maine Pointe delivered the organizational capability our client needed to  to proactively manage their 3rd party transport provider.


  • 43% increase in potential weekly takeaway capacity
  • 67% reduction in railcar yard dwell
  • 18% decrease in empty transit miles
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Preparing for a Scheduled Shutdown

Preparing_for_a_Scheduled_ShutdownIdentifying and closing the gaps in a scheduled turn around for a petroleum producer. Maine Pointe ensured that the largest turnaround in our client's history was completed on time, on budget and with zero accidents or injuries.


  • Turnaround completed on budget and half a day early
  • Zero reportable injuries or spills
  • Avoided overrun which would have cost $3 million per day in lost production
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50% Reduction in Cycle Times 

Reduction_in_Cycle_TimesIncreasing rail logistics capacity for a producer of fertilizer, industrial and animal food. Maine Pointe helped our client develop an optimized rail distribution network capable of supporting their plans to significantly increase capacity.



  • Annualized savings in the excess of $15 million
  • Average cycle time reductions approaching 50%
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Award Winning Lodge Utilization Solution

Award_Winning_Lodge_Utilization_SolutionOptimized utilization and allocation of lodgings for a major integrated energy company. In an award-winning engagement Maine Pointe developed and implemented a robust operating model for our client’s lodging operation services.


  • Immediate cost savings of $11million
  • Eliminated cost inflators and modified vendors scope of work resulted in savings of $4 million
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Substantial, Sustainable Savings On Remote Site Services

Substantial_Savings_On_Remote_Site_ServicesOptimized remote site services for a leading energy company. Maine Pointe delivered better control, greater accuracy and increased visibility in our client’s aviation, ground transportation and lodgings divisions.


  • Optimized use of our client's own aviation fleet
  • Reduced the cost of ground transportation by $6.4M
  • Forecast savings of $8.4M in the lodgings division
  • Winner of 2 President's Awards
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Increased Rail Yard Efficiency

Increased_Rail_Yard_EfficiencyIncreased rail yard efficiency at a midstream Gas Processing facility. Maine Pointe helped the client to build strong working partnerships and optimize the staging process.


  • 50% reduction in number of times cars are handled in the yard
  • 43% increase in potential takeaway capacity
  • Reduced risk of production losses worth in excess of $1M a day
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A Zero-Risk Rail Safety Culture

Zero_Risk_Rail_CultureEnhancing logistics efficiencies and safety procedures at a midstream Gas Processing facility. Maine Pointe helped the client develop the capacity to safely and efficiently meet the demands of a threefold increase in production.


  • Zero-risk culture for rail and loading safety
  • Implemented site-specific procedures for rail and loading safety Developed a formal safety training and certification process
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Increased Rail Fleet Velocity

Increased_Rail_Fleet_VelocityImproving rail logistics and increasing fleet velocity at a midstream Gas Processing facility. Maine Pointe gave our client the specialized tools to manage their rail fleet and enhance velocity of movement.


  • 43% increase in potential weekly takeaway capacity
  • 67% reduction in railcar yard dwell
  • 18% decrease in empty transit miles
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32% Improvement in Rail Transit Times

Improvement_in_Rail_Transit_TimesImproving rail transit times and optimizing asset utilization for a waste management company. Maine Pointe strengthened the relationship between our client and their Class 1 rail carrier.


  • 32% improvement in transit times
  • Optimized asset utilization
  • Reduced railroad operating costs
  • Improved reliability
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Reducing Cost While Improving Quality

CS113a Thumbnail.pngUpskilling the procurement function at a drive-thru restaurant chain. The systems and processes we introduced delivered sustainable savings.


  • 2% reduction in food costs
  • Created strategic partnerships that enhanced the company's reputation with its sellers
  • Moved procurement up the TVO™ Maturity Curve
  • Delivered ROI of 8:1
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Enhancing the Professional Environment

CS146 Thumbnail.pngImplementing a new Management Operating System for a producer of fully-cooked entrees improved performance across procurement, operations and logistics.


  • Improved supplier relationships
  • Realigned the distribution network
  • Delivered ROI of 3:1
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Implementing a Best-In-Class Procurement Function

CS133 Manufacturing Thumbnail.pngHelping a leading manufacturing company transform its procurement team through knowledge transfer and leadership.


  • Reorganized the procurement team and realigned with best practices to source goods
  • Enhanced the professional environment
  • Delivered annualized savings of $10M
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Strengthening S&OP and Alignment to Inventory Process

CS102a ThumbnailReducing inventory for a specialty chemicals company in a competitive global market.


  • 20% reduction in legacy inventory in just 3 months
  • Delivered road map for implementation of an effective and reliable maintenance system
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