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Cost Reduction Services

Secure 25% to 40% in Cost Reductions while Optimizing Cash Flows


In an economic climate of plateauing and reversing inflation for most materials and logistics costs, your competitors may already be capitalizing on more favorable market conditions. If you have not harvested substantial cost savings in your P&L there is still significant runway for gains. 

Since 2004, SGS Maine Pointe has a history of serving PE-backed and lender-backed middle market companies, driving significant cost reductions and freeing up cash from supply chain and operations. We have delivered results in much less favorable conditions and have high confidence in our proven approaches.

Our key value proposition lies in our disciplined approach to delivering compelling economic returns. Our results? A consistent record of achieving EBITDA and cash flow gains with ROIs ranging from 4:1 to 8:1.

Here are the key cost reduction levers in today's market:

footprint consolidation and nework optimization

Footprint consolidation & network optimization

We help you reduce operating costs and risks while improving service levels by leveraging deep subject matter expertise and leading network modeling tools that identify the optimal network configuration to implement sustainable changes across the end-to-end supply chain and improve competitiveness.

direct materials procurement

Direct Materials Procurement

We help you achieve enhanced performance in strategic sourcing and transactional purchasing by implementing clear roles and accountabilities within an optimal organization structure aligned to drive cross-functional excellence.

Waste Reduction & Labor Optimization

Waste Reduction & Labor Optimization

We implement lean methodologies and advanced analytics to identify and eliminate waste, alongside maximizing workforce efficiency, improving productivity, and reducing labor costs.

transportation optimization

Transportation optimization

Our fleet optimization approach helps you improve efficiency, reduce costs and monitor compliance through a data-driven and structured approach to create standards and enable visibility to key metrics that drive maximum benefits.

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Sales, Inventory, Operations Planning and Execution (SIOP and SIOE)

Our approach enables you to drive balance and synchronization of supply, demand, cost, and customer satisfaction by implementing a data-driven, agile, disciplined, cross-functional process across the end-to-end supply chain.

Process acceleration and automation

Process acceleration and automation

Backed with A.I. and world-class digital platforms our experts identify bottlenecks, implement automation technologies, and streamline processes, accelerating your operations and enhancing productivity with reduced errors.

The Power of Total Value OptimizationTM in Cost Reduction

In today's challenging business landscape, a holistic view often yields the most robust and sustainable results. This is where our Total Value OptimizationTM (TVO) methodology makes a real difference.

TVO goes beyond mere cost reduction. It focuses on synchronizing and optimizing the interconnected areas of your business to create, stabilize, and enhance value across the enterprise. By aligning your procurement, operations, and logistics, we target not just immediate cost reduction, but also the creation of a resilient, flexible supply chain primed for future challenges and opportunities.


The TVO methodology looks at cost reduction from a strategic perspective, taking into account the broader business impact. This includes enhancing supplier relationships, improving product quality, speeding up delivery times, increasing cash flow, and creating a business model that can adapt swiftly to market changes.

Our goal with TVO is not just to achieve cost reductions, but to help you sustain them over the long term, improving your competitiveness and the overall value you deliver to your customers and stakeholders. Through this approach, we empower your business to withstand market volatility and flourish in an ever-changing business landscape.

Enhance Your Team

We understand some initial hesitancy to work with 3rd parties, such as consultants, but there is a time and place for leveraging specialists, experts, and financial partners to traverse challenging events or cycles. It is exactly during times of stress, often coupled with limited financial flexibility, when a company benefits most from the right set of complementary capabilities and resource capacity.

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Let's drive out cost today

Are you ready to combat deflation, maintain your competitive advantage, and free up cash quickly?

Our team at SGS Maine Pointe is eager to help you navigate this journey.