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    Supply Chain Risk Insights

    Maine Pointe’s quick guide on global risk events: Insights to protect your supply chain

Insights to protect your supply chain & operations

Maine Pointe’s regular global risk events updates bring together the latest news as it unfolds, along with practical advice on how CXOs can build resilience into the supply chain and position their business for future growth. 

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Our selection of fact sheets and statements from trade organizations, government bodies and financial institutions around the world. Stay in touch as news unfolds with our pick of the latest articles and opinions pieces from the world's press.
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Coronavirus Updates 

Confirmed cases: 4,911,743

Deaths: 320,454

Recovered: 1,919,680

Source: (updated May 19, 2020)

Coronavirus deaths May 14

Tariffs/Risk key events timeline   


How companies are protecting their supply chain

We are ahead of our competition in the wake of the tariffs because of the savings we obtained from the project. We continue to cycle the PMOS process and strengthen our position by eliminating waste everywhere we see it. This engineering / procurement team are building skills as subject matter experts and supply chain managers, becoming an asset that will be hard to duplicate. We look at it as the moat surrounding the castle protecting us against competition."

David Paslay, VP Operational Services and Engineering, Nevco Inc. (

Our supplier base now understands that Astec brings a much larger spend to the market than was previously visible, and our organization understands the risks and opportunities within our supply chain. I would recommend Maine Pointe to any organization looking to transform its procurement, sales and operations planning and data analytics capabilities into competitive advantages."

Rick Dorris, Interim CEO and COO, Astec Industries

This initiative has increased our understanding of the competitive dynamics within our supply chain, as well as major risks and opportunities, and we are going to leverage this knowledge to create a competitive advantage."

Hanno Holm, Chief Operating Officer, The Simply Good Foods Company