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Oil Makes The World Go 'Round, But How Does It Go Around The World?

finedOriginally posted in Supply Chain Dive

The logistics of transporting oil, whether crude or refined, is a global issue with risk and reward

While alternative fuels, including electric vehicles, are gaining ground, the need for oil won’t be going away for a while. In addition to transportation fuels, petroleum products are used for heating, for electricity generation, asphalt and road oil, and for making the chemicals, plastics and synthetic materials that are in so many of our everyday products. 

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Steel Tariffs, Trade Wars And The Coming Supply Chain Disruptions

Originally posted in Innovation Enterprise

How domestic manufacturers will prepare for the coming changes

Steel and aluminum tariffs have taken analysts and observers by surprise due to their sweeping and sudden nature, and the long-term impact – and what exclusions may eventually be put into place – remains to be seen. Most economists agree that in today's global economy, punitive tariffs and the trade war that will ensue will come to no good end.

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