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Clearlake exits Pomeroy; UpScript Health seeks buyer; How valuable are operating partners?

Originally posted in PE Hub Network

We had some heartbreakers yesterday. Roger Federer lost at Wimbledon and England’s hopes were dashed at the World Cup. Better luck next year!

It seems like every PE firm has them but I’ve often wondered about the value of operating partners. A survey from Maine Pointe finds that PE firms themselves are still trying to figure this out.

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Epa Permits Loophole for 'Super Polluting' Diesel Trucks

Originally posted in Supply Chain Dive

Green energy and technological streamlining are the future, and many companies along the supply chain with robust R&D departments and capital are pursuing various green energy options and tech advancements with gusto. Third party logistics providers (3PL) are investing in fully electric trucks or hydrogen-electric trucks, and the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate intends to reduce paper waste in the trucking industry by digitizing internal operations.

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Smart Operations And Next-Generation Manufacturing

Originally posted in Manufacturing Business Technology

The "fourth industrial revolution" is marked by emerging technologies like robotic automation, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. The greatest result of this revolution is a dramatic improvement in domestic manufacturing productivity over the past three decades.

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