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Optimizing Value With a Win-Win Supply Chain

Originally posted on Supply Chain Management Review

Today’s supply chain practitioners are under constant pressure to bring value to their organizations. Two of the biggest supply chain challenges are exponential growth in complexity of the supply chain and cost savings fatigue driven by a relentless and unsustainable pursuit of achieving bottom-line growth by constantly cutting costs.

Companies are responding to these challenges with a renewed approach to their supply chains. A University of Tennessee white paper, “End-to-end Supply Chain Collaboration Best Practices,” shows a highly collaborative end-to-end focus on supply chain, which enables organizations to achieve greater levels of optimization as supply chain partners collaborate to drive continuous improvement and innovations.

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The Packager's Dilemma and the Value of Differentiation

Originally posted on Packaging Strategies

How much differentiation and innovation can you really add to a cardboard box and a few ounces of Styrofoam peanuts? This existential question makes up the foundation of the packager's dilemma. Their product is often seen by customers as an easily replaceable commodity. When cost of raw materials increases, the packager must either absorb those costs and decrease margins, or lose the CPG customer to a competitor.

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Stress-Testing Global Trade

Originally posted on Best Lawyers

Few American brands are as iconic as Harley-Davidson. Apple is just as popular, but at age 42 it’s a relative upstart. GE is equally venerable, but it’s ailing. Not so the Wisconsin-based maker of distinctive motorcycles. Founded in 1903, it stands nearly alone as a fabled company that has remained vibrant for more than a century. During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly invoked Harley as a proud example of American manufacturing prowess. The full story is considerably more complicated. Yes, Harleys are assembled in the U.S. But some are partly manufactured and assembled in plants around the world. (The company is currently shutting down a plant in Kansas in response to waning domestic  sales,  while ramping up production in Thailand to supply the growing Asian market.) 

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How To Accelerate Value In The First 100 Days After An Acquisition

Originally posted on Mergers & Acquisitions

Between 70 and 80 percent of all M&A integration projects fall short of delivering anticipated value. This isn't because the acquisition target is somehow subpar, it's because the acquiring firm lacks a strong integration strategy. It's because stagnation and delays take away the momentum of a new project, and it's because the strategy and planning stage takes place after, and not before, the acquisition.

The first 100 days are most critical to creating long-term value. If the valuation has not been increased within that short time frame, the project loses momentum and risks longer-term stagnation. In recognition of the need for immediate action, more PE firms are building a 100-day plan into the closing stages of every M&A an PE transaction.

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Steven Bowen on New Proposed Tariffs Threatening the Escalating Trade War

Originally posted on TD Ameritrade's Market on Close

Geopolitics and tariffs

Maine Pointe's Chairman and CEO, Steven Bowen discusses new proposed tariffs threatening the escalating trade war on TD Ameritrade Network.

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Why USPS is the Perfect Fit for the Last Mile

Originally posted on Supply Chain Dive

Advanced technology and working with shippers can help the Postal Service survive in an e-commerce dominated world.

When it comes to deliveries, the digital age has changed everything, and it’s no secret that USPS is suffering. Where people used to write letters, they now use email. In the second quarter of 2018, for example, USPS package volume grew by 69 million pieces, but mail volumes declined by 700 million pieces.

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