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ELD effects ripple far beyond trucking — to air cargo

The mandate, which took effect just over a year ago, is among the factors leading shippers to seek alternative modes of moving their goods, Michael Notarangeli, EVP Logistics at Maine Pointe, told Supply Chain Dive. 

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Cargo Thieves Hunger for Food Shipments - From corn and wheat to canned tuna and octopus, no region is exempt

  Originally published in Nov/Dec issue of Food Logistics Magazine

Shippers of high-value freight are adapting their processes to address the problem of cargo theft. Maine Pointe EVP Logistics Michael Notarangeli notes that part of the problem is the nature of the supply chain, which includes well-marked vans and reefers and frequently unattended trailers. The driver shortage also plays a role, and Mike says that shippers need to properly verify driver credentials and put proper vetting procedures in place. He lays out a set of six best practices to prevent cargo theft in this insightful and important industry article. 

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How to navigate the 90-day tariff 'cease-fire'

The 90-day tariff "cease-fire" could bring more uncertainty to an already troubling situation, says Maine Pointe CEO Steve Bowen. During this confusing time tariff engineering doesn't go far enough – stress testing supply chains will be important to analyze cost impacts of the potential tariff scenarios that may emerge.

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Resilience Plan of the Year: Hasbro's inventory management strategy

Originally Posted in Supply Chain Dive

EVP Procurement Rex Clothier offers commentary on Hasbro's strategy in the post Toys-R-Us world, and how the risks of the retailer's bankruptcy also enabled an opportunity as other retailers stepped up to grab a bigger share of the toy market.


Major risk event:

Toys R Us' decision to liquidate all stores and inventory. 


Demand planning and S&OP to optimize retail channels. 


Hasbro is expected to recuperate sales and revenue next year, as the blow from Toys R Us liquidation slowly wears off.

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