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Maine Pointe hooks industry titan Mary Lyons as CHRO

Global supply chain and operations consultancy Maine Pointe has appointed Mary Lyons as executive vice president and chief human resources officer (CHRO). Lyons brings with her a wealth of experience, leaving Accenture’s management consulting arm after serving nearly three years as a managing director, leading the firm’s global talent and organization group. 

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Maine Pointe Shares Perspective in Article "Tariffs Present an Opportunity for Supply Chain Collaboration"

Trade wars may be the epitome of non-collaboration, but the University of Tennessee's Kate Vitasek says in her article in SupplyChainBrain that trade wars and tariffs can also present an opportunity for look for new ways of collaboration in the supply chain. 

Maine Pointe CEO Steve Bowen is featured saying that now is the time to "stress test" the supply chain on three fronts – to optimize efficiency, improve supply chain optionality, and gain new market insights in shifting production facilities. 

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Podcast Interview with Maine Pointe CEO Steve Bowen - Tariffs: Who Survives a Trade War?


Originally posted on Supply Chain Brain

What must global companies do to survive a bruising trade war?

Some U.S. domestic companies have benefited from the tariffs placed on imports from China by President Trump, while others can be classified as collateral damage. Major U.S. automakers are experiencing up to $1bn each in incremental costs, as a direct result of the tariffs. The construction industry is hurting as well. So what should companies be doing to protect themselves from the damage, both now and in the highly uncertain future? 

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CEOs Focusing On Supply Chain Optimization In 2019


Maine Pointe CEO Steve Bowen offers insights and predictions on how CEOs will look at supply chain optimization in 2019, and what challenges manufacturers will see – including trade and tariff uncertainties, rising health care costs, transportation shortages and an unpredictable global climate. Steve notes that the coming changes aren't all negative though, and a move towards Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 will deliver new dynamics and greater visibility, and those CEOs who are willing to put new practices and Total Value Optimization into place will be the ones to survive these disruptions and experience lasting growth.

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