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Kate Vitasek

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Maine Pointe Cited in Article "The Volatile Global Economy Demands End-to-End Cooperation"

There are opportunities hidden in the current trade uncertainties, economic populism and trade wars. In Kate Vitasek's column for SupplyChainBrain, she notes now is the time for supply chain optimization. Maine Pointe CEO Steve Bowen notes one of the most important factors in this environment is establishing a level of trust – a big challenge given that tariffs, according to Steve, are not conducive to cooperation. To achieve that level of cooperation, Kate suggests supply chain partners have to move away from their traditional transaction-based model that focuses on cost savings, to a model focusing on value creation instead.  

Originally Published in Supply Chain Brain

In the current climate of “economic populism,” tit-for-tat tariffs and the uncertainties surrounding Brexit, which can instigate trade wars and the disruption of global trade deals in Europe and the Pacific rim, buyers, sellers and their supply chains have an opportunity to step up and cope with major challenges through cooperation, transparency and flexibility.

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Maine Pointe Shares Perspective in Article "Tariffs Present an Opportunity for Supply Chain Collaboration"

Trade wars may be the epitome of non-collaboration, but the University of Tennessee's Kate Vitasek says in her article in SupplyChainBrain that trade wars and tariffs can also present an opportunity for look for new ways of collaboration in the supply chain. 

Maine Pointe CEO Steve Bowen is featured saying that now is the time to "stress test" the supply chain on three fronts – to optimize efficiency, improve supply chain optionality, and gain new market insights in shifting production facilities. 

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