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Maine Pointe's Brad Stitt Weighs in on the Importance of S&OP in 2020

Originally published in Supply Chain Dive

Trends in personalization and fast shipping will require planning that goes beyond supply and demand. Maine Pointe's Brad Stitt, EVP Supply Chain Management, notes, “S&OP must not only go East to West but top to bottom,” indicating that businesses need to think outside of the traditional realm of supply chain planning.

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Are Australian road trains the solution to the US driver shortage?

Originally published in Supply Chain Dive

North Dakota approved legislation to pilot the freight method as a way to deal with increased demand for drivers amid high turnover rates. Mike Notarangeli discusses the challenges of "road trains" saying, "There are advantages of road trains — increased capacity, improved efficiency, better driver utilization — but there are downsides as well, including increased maintenance on equipment, increased safety risk and limited access.”


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In trucking, is it sunrise for solar?

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Solar panels on trucks can supplement battery and power lift gates, though the technology today isn't enough to power a truck down the road.

Sustainability has taken a key place in logistics decisions, and also could figure strongly in a fleet manager’s consideration of solar, Maine Pointe's Michael Notarangeli told Supply 
Chain Dive. Read on...

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Maine Pointe's Steve Bowen Weighs in on 10% China tariffs and the Supply Chain Scramble

Originally posted in Supply Chain Dive

As a result of the increasingly unpredictable trade war between the US and China, companies need to look at their supply chain strategies closely and re-think their reliance on China. Building in a higher level of optionality and de-risking is the first order of business as companies decide how they must react to this news

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Package growth not enough as USPS posts $2B losses

Originally published in Supply Chain Dive

"The USPS is required by law to deliver to all United States postal addresses in all jurisdictions, regardless of geography and density. This makes them an ideal partner for others that want to deliver to those locations, but do not have the infrastructure or capability to do so," Michael Notarangeli, an executive VP of Maine Pointe, told Supply Chain Dive last year.

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US, China to Meet Later this Month to Talk Trade

Originally posted on Supply Chain Dive

Dive Brief:

  • Amid escalating trade tensions, a Chinese delegation will travel to the U.S. later this month to discuss trade issues, at the invitation of the U.S. Treasury Department, according to multiple news reports. The exact date of the visit has not been announced.
  • This round of talks will be between the U.S. Undersecretary of Treasury for International Affairs and China's Vice Minister of Commerce. The last round, more than two months ago, took place in Beijing between Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He. 
  • Hours before news of the August meeting, China's Ministry of Commerce wrote in a statement, "the two governments should conform to the wishes of enterprises and provide them with a favorable environment and stable expectations."
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Why Trucks Fall Victim To Cargo Theft

Originally posted in Supply Chain Dive

Everyone’s heard the sad tale of someone who left their car unlocked with the key in the ignition just to run into the store "for a minute." When he or she comes out, either the car or its contents —or both — were gone.

The same thing happens in cargo trucks, even when the vehicle is locked.

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Oil Makes The World Go 'Round, But How Does It Go Around The World?

finedOriginally posted in Supply Chain Dive

The logistics of transporting oil, whether crude or refined, is a global issue with risk and reward

While alternative fuels, including electric vehicles, are gaining ground, the need for oil won’t be going away for a while. In addition to transportation fuels, petroleum products are used for heating, for electricity generation, asphalt and road oil, and for making the chemicals, plastics and synthetic materials that are in so many of our everyday products. 

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ELD Compliance Rates Jump 10 Points As April 1 Deadline Approaches

Originally posted in Supply Chain Dive

Dive Brief:

  • CarrierLists just updated its ongoing electronic logging device (ELD) compliance rate survey, finding compliance rates rose 10 percentage points to 92% this week, as the April 1 enforcement deadline looms.
  • Long haul vans, reefers and flatbeds are currently in the high 90s, while short haul and small fleets are in the mid 80s.
  • The reason for tracking compliance, according to CarrierLists, is because drivers who have not implemented the ELD by April 1 will experience a 10-hour service outage penalty and could face further penalties if they still refuse to comply.
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Chain Reaction: Wall Street Could Save Infrastructure

Consumers shun auto dealers, gas stations, department stores

Retail sales dipped 1% in February according to the latest Census Bureau data, due to a lack of consumer spending particularly at auto dealers, gas stations and department stores.

While the numbers aren't necessarily a cause for doomsday predictions for retail, we do know that department stores have been lagging and failing for some time now, so a dip in department store spending is not unexpected.

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