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Maine Pointe CEO Steve Bowen Joins TD Ameritrade Network’s "Morning Trade Live"

Maine Pointe CEO Steve Bowen made his fifth appearance on TD Ameritrade Network’s "Morning Trade Live" show, delivering insights into the current tariff situation and potential for another government shutdown. While it's difficult to predict, Steve said there is a spectrum of possibilities between "no deal" and free trade, with the likely outcome being somewhere in between.

The sentiment is positive but cautionary. Host Oliver Renick referenced the NAM survey Steve cited in his recent Chief Executive article. The survey showed the second straight quarterly drop in confidence, with manufacturers citing uncertainty about tariffs and trade as a primary factor.

Key points Steve made include: 

  • The tariff/trade war scenario brings up many important issues tied to supply chains and now is not the time for businesses to be complacent.
  • We've already seen impact in the service sector, and another shutdown – which is still possible – may further impact the defense and aerospace industries, with an even bigger impact on the economy.
  • In this uncertain environment, companies that are not taking an aggressive stance to be different and unique will struggle to meet their earnings projections. 
  • With the unpredictable nature of the trade war and ongoing talks between Xi and Trump, businesses will need to establish optionality so they can move forward regardless of the outcome.

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