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Supply Chain Brain Podcast: Steve Bowen and Paul Dittmann Featured in "Do Companies and Investors Get the Importance of Supply Chain Excellence?"

Originally posted in Supply Chain Brain

Anybody with a passing knowledge of the supply chain knows how important it is to a company’s success. So why haven’t some CEOs, boards and investors gotten the memo? Maine Pointe CEO Steve Bowen, along with University of Tennessee’s J. Paul Dittmann, Ph.D., answer that question in this informative podcast on Supply Chain Brain titled “Do companies and investors get the importance of supply chain excellence.” 

Targeted firmly at the C-suite, this discussion illustrates why a disconnect often exists at the very top, with leaders who do not understand how supply chain excellence drives value, have not had exposure to the complexity involved in mapping the supply chain, and have not experienced some of the challenges that have, in the past, necessitated a new approach to supply chain.  Steve and Paul offer concrete advice in how to align shareholder value and customer value, and what companies can do to raise consciousness on the importance of supply chain efficiency, starting with “speaking the language of the CEO,” dismantling silos that exist throughout the organization, and considering cost, cash, growth and risk on an end-to-end basis.

The podcast is available for listening or download here.

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