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Maine Pointe Featured Panelist: Petrochemical firms preparing for recovery

View the article in Plastics News here.

Maine Pointe's Mark Montanari served on a recent webinar panel hosted by Petrochemicals Update and Reuters News. The panel included executives from BASF Corp. and Saudi Basic Industries Corp (SABIC) discussing the short – long term impact on the North American petrochemical supply chain industry. As the petrochemicals industry moves into recovery mode from COVID-19, Mark said firms will look at who their right #supplychain partners are. "They might create new partners if they think the old ones are too risky," he said. "They'll rethink relations across the value chain."With supply chains coming under greater scrutiny, transforming the supply chain into a tool for creating shareholder value is an art form that extends its scope and transforms it digitally. The presence of a hyperconnected global supply chain – along with unexpected risks like the global pandemic – have pushed the CFO’s office into a much more strategic role.


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Prepare Now to Survive Unexpected Changes in the Construction Supply Chain

Originally published in Construction Executive

There is a crisis in the construction industry: Supply chains and procurement continue to be plagued by unpredictable global and economic factors. In addition, compared to other industry segments, they are blighted by a significant lag in productivity and processes that are unnecessarily mired in time-consuming manual tasks.

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Prepare for a Market Slowdown by Optimizing Your Supply Chain

Originally posted in Construction Executive

According to USG and U.S. Chamber of Commerce commercial construction index Q2 2019, contractors in the U.S. commercial construction industry remain optimistic about the market. This comes despite ongoing challenges with skilled workforce availability, supply chain pressure and tariff-related concerns. 

Despite the optimistic outlook, there is still the very real possibility of a slowdown in commercial construction in the next 18 to 24 months. In this scenario, increased competition for a smaller number of projects will inevitably result in margin erosion. Forward-looking executives are already preparing by optimizing margins and removing cost from the end-to-end supply chain.

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The Construction Industry's Impending Crisis and Opportunities for Growth

 Originally published in Construction Executive magazine

Tariffs, materials costs and the skilled labor shortage are combining to change the construction landscape. In his latest article for Construction Executive, Grant Cunningham says if executives are prepared for these new realities, it is still possible to achieve consistent growth.

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Project Management Demands Increase in Today’s Volatile Construction Market

 Originally published in Construction Executive magazine

Is project management up to today’s challenges in the construction industry? Grant Cunningham’s article in Construction Executive magazine examines big changes in the industry and lays out the need for a scorecard to evaluate quality and the application of Total Value Optimization to project management. Doing so will overcome these significant challenges and drive an increase in profits.

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