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Maine Pointe: Organisations find improving supply chain maturity leads to sustainable growth

Published in the 2019/2020 winter issue of Journal of Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Procurement

Rex Clothier, VP CPG delivers a detailed look at optimizing value through the supply chain, underscoring the importance of looking at the supply chain for improvements to EBITDA, cash release and growth.

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Maine Pointe Published In CPGMatters: How to Leverage Technology and Collaboration to Drive Value

Originally published in Nov. issue of CPGMatters

According to Rex Clothier, Maine Pointe VP CPG, the closing of non-profitable distribution centers is a real risk for CPG companies to consider. Anyone facing these challenges can take steps to mitigate this growing risk. Read his article here.


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Maine Pointe Examines Seven Supply Chain Challenges Facing CPG Firms

Originally published in

Digitization and Industry 4.0 hold great promise, while also offering challenges in implementation. According to Maine Pointe, effective Industry 4.0 strategies can help CPG firms achieve growth through faster and more accurate order fulfillment. Data and analytics can also help optimize customer engagement and better influence customer purchasing.

“CPG companies will need to gain a deeper understanding of the consumer (their customers' customers) and leverage data analytics to get a handle on the rapidly changing demands of those consumers,” Rex Clothier, vice president and industry partner of CPG at Maine Pointe, said.

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