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Maine Pointe's Tony Planos featured in The American Oil & Gas Reporter magazine

In the June issue of The American Oil & Gas Reporter magazine, Tony Planos discusses the infrastructure build-out in the Permian, and overcoming barriers in that build-out. He offers several insights into optimization, including staggering deliveries, optimizing vehicle movements and identifying barriers and long-term goals.

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Doubling down on the supply chain: How some West Texas producers are facing headwinds from increased complexity resulting in decreased cash operating costs / barrel

Originally published in OilVoice

Since 2009, US production of oil & gas has doubled. This has created a number of logistical, planning and scheduling headaches for operators. Maine Pointe's Tony Planos discusses the challenges and says the same old ways just won't cut it anymore.

Since 2009, we've seen US production of oil & gas double to over 10MMBPD and, according to the EIA, we're on our way to 15MMBPD by 2025. Production in Texas alone has seen volumes increase to over 5MMBPD. This has created a number of logistical, planning and scheduling headaches for operators.

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How data analytics is transforming operational due diligence

Originally posted in Mergers & Acquisitions

It comes as no surprise that the market for PE acquisitions continues to be robust. Global deal value increased from $594.54Bn in 2015 to $825.77Bn in 2018 and that’s nothing compared with the predictions for 2019.

Buoyed by low interest rates, an eager supply of deal financing and a prolonged period of economic growth, PE has plenty of dry powder and has proved to be resistant to the impact of trade wars, tariffs and political uncertainty. However, not all factors are positive: Valuation multiples remain high and there’s considerable competition among PE firms to find and acquire those elusive “diamonds in the rough.” At the same time, corporate “strategics” looking for suitable acquisitions to support their growth, are offering a viable alternative for firms considering sale.

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Supply Chain Management Review Publishes Maine Pointe Article, "eProcurement Technologies Can Unlock Value and Enhance Your Performance"

Originally published in Supply Chain Management Review

Companies are constantly looking for new ways to compete in a challenging, often unpredictable global marketplace. According to Nate Powrie, EVP Data Analytics, one significant opportunity for enterprises is to capitalize on improving visibility and insights into their end-to-end supply chain. Specifically, companies are aligning center-led procurement operations with financial decisions to see an impact that goes beyond cost reductions.

These is a growing trend for organizations to unlock value by making strategic sourcing and working capital improvements within the boundaries of their existing ERP implementations. This is particularly challenging when an organization’s spending is highly obscured, with limited visibility into how the money is spent. A lack of transparency in the data processed from the procure-to pay-cycle, makes it very difficult for companies to understand cost savings opportunities.

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Maine Pointe Cited in "Shifting to Digitization from Manual Sourcing Processes Isn’t Easy — Unless You Use Bonfire"

 Originally published in Spend Matters

Maine Pointe’s global presence was the subject of a case study mentioned in an article in Spend Matters, one of the most influential publications in the procurement sector. The article, “Shifting to digitization from manual sourcing processes isn’t easy unless you use Bonfire,” is a profile of Bonfire procurement software which describes how Maine Pointe’s use of the strategic software and how it has helped the company stand out in a global marketplace. Quoting Nate Powrie, Executive VP Data Analytics, the article describes how Maine Pointe provides value for clients and promotes visibility through the Bonfire software system. 

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Smart Industry Magazine Publishes Maine Pointe Article, "Future-Proofing the End-to-End Supply Chain"

 Originally published in Smart Industry magazine

Are you considering your customers' customers?

There are a few business capabilities that truly drive a company’s growth. Among them is the ability to quickly, accurately predict what is coming next. In global manufacturing, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is already underway and is becoming widely recognized as providing an advantage for companies looking to take over their competitors’ market share.

These smart operations, with fully integrated and collaborative systems that react in real-time, along with digitalization and deep-data insights that focus beyond functional limitations, are central to exploiting the potential of Industry 4.0. Companies that embrace them are able to consistently achieve significant reductions in operational costs and substantially improved customer experience, all while driving additional growth opportunities and increasing EBITDA.

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Maine Pointe Becomes Bonfire Partner

Enabling digital transformation, connecting data and analytics to drive actionable insights and turning data into dollars. Global supply chain and operations consulting firm Maine Pointe announced today it has entered into a strategic agreement with Bonfire Interactive Ltd., a supplier of strategic sourcing software. 

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Is Analytics the Answer?

Originally posted in CFO

Enterprises are hoping data analytics tools can help them identify real-time business changes, understand customers, and vanquish competitors.

When so many web pages, whitepapers, and webinars promise that finance-led data analytics programs will transform an organization, it’s easy to buy into the hype. Cooler heads, though, understandably wonder: how effective are data analytics projects, really? Are finance chiefs (and other C-suite leaders) actually improving decision-making and boosting performance through the insights provided by mountains of data? And what kinds of barriers to success are organizations encountering once they embark on a project?

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A New Revolution

Originally posted in Supply Chain World

Data analytics has been focused mainly on the front end as a way to glean insights about customers and improve the customer experience. But with the growing investment in industrial Internet of things (IIoT), combined with dramatic changes in global supply chain logistics, a back-end focus is emerging in what is often referred to as the fourth industrial revolution.

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