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Digitization of the Aerospace & Defense Supply Chain

Originally published in Aerospace Tech Review Magazine, March 2020 issue


According to David Grasso and Chris Brumitt, despite advances, the aerospace and defense industry still lags behind in taking full advantage of digitization, and still needs to move aggressively towards adopting cultural change and adopting new technologies such as predictive analytics.

Key insights from the article include:

  • Modernization projects in defense are more important then ever due to flat year-over-year funding
  • Digitization of the supply chain does not start with the technology; it starts with a new business model and processes
  • Benefits of digitization go beyond cost savings, and include creating sustainable growth and becoming more agile and responsive
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Chain Reaction: Wall Street Could Save Infrastructure

Consumers shun auto dealers, gas stations, department stores

Retail sales dipped 1% in February according to the latest Census Bureau data, due to a lack of consumer spending particularly at auto dealers, gas stations and department stores.

While the numbers aren't necessarily a cause for doomsday predictions for retail, we do know that department stores have been lagging and failing for some time now, so a dip in department store spending is not unexpected.

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