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Maine Pointe's Steve Bowen Weighs in on 10% China tariffs and the Supply Chain Scramble

Originally posted in Supply Chain Dive

As a result of the increasingly unpredictable trade war between the US and China, companies need to look at their supply chain strategies closely and re-think their reliance on China. Building in a higher level of optionality and de-risking is the first order of business as companies decide how they must react to this news

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Why CEOs Are Still In The Dark About The Supply Chain

Originally published in Chief Executive

Maine Pointe CEO Steve Bowen and GSCI’s Paul Dittmann take on “Why CEOs are still in the dark about the supply chain” in Chief Executive magazine, in an insightful piece  showing a surprising number of top executives don’t have a formal strategy in place for managing supply chain risk. Geopolitical uncertainty and volatile trade relations are adding to the risk profile, making it all the more necessary to have a plan in place. The  article highlights not only the risks, but the solutions – starting with redefining supply chain excellence and identifying best practices.

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Maine Pointe's Steve Bowen Cited in "Trade War Escalates: China, US to Raise Tariffs"

Originally published in Supply Chain Dive

Maine Pointe CEO Steve Bowen says many companies had hoped for a better agreement, and some US companies without optionality will be left with few supply chain alternatives, noting that a supply chain shift for a global company may be a years-long process. 

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