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New metrics for improving visibility into company performance

Originally published in CFO Dive

The most useful metrics combine financial with operational measurements, Maine Pointe's Nate Powrie said. These often track efficiencies in procurement, operational productivity, logistics, sales and marketing. Read on...



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Maine Pointe's Steven Bowen on Forbes Podcast: "Digital Supply Chain, Culture, and Sales & Operations Planning"


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Maine Pointe Article In Chief Executive: Getting To The Next Level of Integration With Sales And Operations Planning

Originally published in Chief Executive magazine

C-suite executives face increasing challenges every day in an environment where the supply chain is increasingly global and often unstable due to factors out of their direct control such as new and unexpected tariffs. Those executives often implement Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) initiatives in an attempt to foster broader and deeper collaboration along the end-to-end supply chain, and to balance supply commitments against demand, but too often, these S&OP strategies fall short of expectations. With the right approach though, S&OP can deliver significant and sustainable results.

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Maine Pointe's Steven Bowen Examines the Power of S&OP at Forbes

Originally published in Consulting US

Steven Bowen, founder and CEO of supply chain and operations consultancy Maine Pointe, recently examined how sales and operations planning (S&OP) helps drive success and business integration in an article at

Sales and operations planning (S&OP) allows executives to achieve focus and alignment across all business functions, utilizing strong communication and collaboration across functional teams, customers, and suppliers. An important part of S&OP is matching demand information to supply capability and financial objectives to drive top-level strategy – integrating marketing and sales, financial, and supply operations into a unified whole.

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Five Ways Sales And Operations Planning Enables Success And Drives Business Integration

Originally published in Forbes

In his third Forbes article, Maine Pointe CEO Steve Bowen discusses some of the biggest C-suite challenges, the potential payoff of a successful S&OP plan, and some of the most common points of failure.

One of the biggest challenges faced by the C-suite is achieving an end-to-end demand/supply chain that is fully collaborative, with supply commitments properly balanced against demand. Sales and operations planning (S&OP) initiatives often plateau without any measurable payoff, and the result can be a stagnant culture resistant to change. Despite the challenges, S&OP continues to be a top priority among supply chain executives, and the potential for sustainable and measurable payoff is great.

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