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Maine Pointe In The News

Smart Industry Magazine Publishes Maine Pointe Article, "Future-Proofing the End-to-End Supply Chain"

 Originally published in Smart Industry magazine

Are you considering your customers' customers?

There are a few business capabilities that truly drive a company’s growth. Among them is the ability to quickly, accurately predict what is coming next. In global manufacturing, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is already underway and is becoming widely recognized as providing an advantage for companies looking to take over their competitors’ market share.

These smart operations, with fully integrated and collaborative systems that react in real-time, along with digitalization and deep-data insights that focus beyond functional limitations, are central to exploiting the potential of Industry 4.0. Companies that embrace them are able to consistently achieve significant reductions in operational costs and substantially improved customer experience, all while driving additional growth opportunities and increasing EBITDA.

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Smart Operations And Next-Generation Manufacturing

Originally posted in Manufacturing Business Technology

The "fourth industrial revolution" is marked by emerging technologies like robotic automation, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. The greatest result of this revolution is a dramatic improvement in domestic manufacturing productivity over the past three decades.

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