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Maine Pointe CEO Steven Bowen Recognized by CEO Today Magazine’s 2019 Management Consulting Award

Bowen’s recognition highlights accomplishments, Total Value Optimization and Maine Pointe’s ability to address the most complex global supply chain challenges

As a featured winner of CEO Today magazine’s 2019 Management Consulting Award, CEO Steven Bowen was highlighted in the publication’s Winners Edition, in which his profile included a highlight of his landmark book, “Total Value Optimization: Transforming Your Global Supply Chain into a Competitive Weapon.” The TVO book introduces a transformative methodology for end-to-end supply chain collaboration and integration known as Total Value Optimization (TVO)™, which focuses on dynamically anticipating and meeting demand by synchronizing the buy-make-move-fulfill supply chain to deliver the greatest value to customers and stakeholders, at the lowest cost to business.

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Streamlining Global Trade: How AI-enabled Business Networks Can Make Your Business Smarter

Originally Published in Global Trade Magazine

This article talks about digital transformation, and how technology serves a vital role for all parties along the end-to-end supply chain. The author quotes from Steve Bowen’s book, Total Value Optimization, talking about the need to get all trading partners to rally around the same objectives rather than splitting into functional silos, which Steve calls "one of the most pervasive and profound barriers to real competitive advantage in every company."

We hardly need reminding of the global challenges facing companies today, from increased competition from low cost foreign competitors, to tariffs and changing regulations. As if that weren’t challenging enough, there is the need to keep abreast of technology innovations such as digital business networks, artificial intelligence and blockchain, that are giving startups the opportunity to leapfrog more traditional and mature companies. Within this landscape, companies need to transact with more and more companies, using different systems and often in different time and regulatory zones, which increases the complexity of doing business exponentially.

So, how do you address these issues while modernizing and continuing your business?

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Trump, Xi won't meet before March 1 tariff deadline

With the pending March 1 deadline of the trade war "truce" between the US and China, Maine Pointe CEO Steve Bowen said that some companies have made the mistake of backing off of their contingency planning, but preparation is essential . 

Originally Published in Supply Chain Dive


Trade discussions between the U.S. and China are far from over. Several rounds have taken place since Trump and Xi agreed to a 90-day halt on tariff increases last year at the G-20 summit, and additional discussions are scheduled for next week.

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Maine Pointe Cited in Article "The Volatile Global Economy Demands End-to-End Cooperation"

There are opportunities hidden in the current trade uncertainties, economic populism and trade wars. In Kate Vitasek's column for SupplyChainBrain, she notes now is the time for supply chain optimization. Maine Pointe CEO Steve Bowen notes one of the most important factors in this environment is establishing a level of trust – a big challenge given that tariffs, according to Steve, are not conducive to cooperation. To achieve that level of cooperation, Kate suggests supply chain partners have to move away from their traditional transaction-based model that focuses on cost savings, to a model focusing on value creation instead.  

Originally Published in Supply Chain Brain

In the current climate of “economic populism,” tit-for-tat tariffs and the uncertainties surrounding Brexit, which can instigate trade wars and the disruption of global trade deals in Europe and the Pacific rim, buyers, sellers and their supply chains have an opportunity to step up and cope with major challenges through cooperation, transparency and flexibility.

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Podcast Interview with Maine Pointe CEO Steve Bowen - Tariffs: Who Survives a Trade War?


Originally posted on Supply Chain Brain

What must global companies do to survive a bruising trade war?

Some U.S. domestic companies have benefited from the tariffs placed on imports from China by President Trump, while others can be classified as collateral damage. Major U.S. automakers are experiencing up to $1bn each in incremental costs, as a direct result of the tariffs. The construction industry is hurting as well. So what should companies be doing to protect themselves from the damage, both now and in the highly uncertain future? 

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CEOs Focusing On Supply Chain Optimization In 2019


Maine Pointe CEO Steve Bowen offers insights and predictions on how CEOs will look at supply chain optimization in 2019, and what challenges manufacturers will see – including trade and tariff uncertainties, rising health care costs, transportation shortages and an unpredictable global climate. Steve notes that the coming changes aren't all negative though, and a move towards Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 will deliver new dynamics and greater visibility, and those CEOs who are willing to put new practices and Total Value Optimization into place will be the ones to survive these disruptions and experience lasting growth.

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