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Steve Bowen: Seizing value, seeing supply chain 'big picture' key in digital age

Originally published in Consulting US

This article addresses the digital supply chain, and how companies can differentiate themselves by pursuing value rather than just cost reductions. The editor points out when companies are segmented into silos and there is no alignment between functions, there is often a negative impact on cost and structure.

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Are Australian road trains the solution to the US driver shortage?

Originally published in Supply Chain Dive

North Dakota approved legislation to pilot the freight method as a way to deal with increased demand for drivers amid high turnover rates. Mike Notarangeli discusses the challenges of "road trains" saying, "There are advantages of road trains — increased capacity, improved efficiency, better driver utilization — but there are downsides as well, including increased maintenance on equipment, increased safety risk and limited access.”


Topics: Logistics Transportation Total Value Optimization Supply Chain Optimization Maine Pointe TVO Strategic Sourcing road transportation

Maine Pointe Publishes in Supply Chain Management Review: Beyond Procurement Traditional Sourcing Often Fails to Deliver. Here's Why.

Originally published in Supply Chain Management Review

Mark Montanari, Vice President Chemicals, Oil & Gas, highlights the need for a dramatic re-thinking of traditional sourcing-centric approaches to procurement. Bringing integration and collaboration to the next level is an essential part of gaining a competitive advantage today, and Mark speaks to the need for radical change in leadership and vision.

Topics: Oil & Gas Total Value Optimization Supply Chain Optimization Maine Pointe TVO procurement Strategic Sourcing Supply Chain Strategy supply chain management Total Cost of Ownership TCO supplier

Maine Pointe Cited in "Shifting to Digitization from Manual Sourcing Processes Isn’t Easy — Unless You Use Bonfire"

 Originally published in Spend Matters

Maine Pointe’s global presence was the subject of a case study mentioned in an article in Spend Matters, one of the most influential publications in the procurement sector. The article, “Shifting to digitization from manual sourcing processes isn’t easy unless you use Bonfire,” is a profile of Bonfire procurement software which describes how Maine Pointe’s use of the strategic software and how it has helped the company stand out in a global marketplace. Quoting Nate Powrie, Executive VP Data Analytics, the article describes how Maine Pointe provides value for clients and promotes visibility through the Bonfire software system. 

Topics: Strategic Procurement Data Analytics Maine Pointe Bonfire sourcing procurement Strategic Sourcing