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Five Ways Sales And Operations Planning Enables Success And Drives Business Integration

Originally published in Forbes

In his third Forbes article, Maine Pointe CEO Steve Bowen discusses some of the biggest C-suite challenges, the potential payoff of a successful S&OP plan, and some of the most common points of failure.

One of the biggest challenges faced by the C-suite is achieving an end-to-end demand/supply chain that is fully collaborative, with supply commitments properly balanced against demand. Sales and operations planning (S&OP) initiatives often plateau without any measurable payoff, and the result can be a stagnant culture resistant to change. Despite the challenges, S&OP continues to be a top priority among supply chain executives, and the potential for sustainable and measurable payoff is great.

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Why CEOs Are Still In The Dark About The Supply Chain

Originally published in Chief Executive

Maine Pointe CEO Steve Bowen and GSCI’s Paul Dittmann take on “Why CEOs are still in the dark about the supply chain” in Chief Executive magazine, in an insightful piece  showing a surprising number of top executives don’t have a formal strategy in place for managing supply chain risk. Geopolitical uncertainty and volatile trade relations are adding to the risk profile, making it all the more necessary to have a plan in place. The  article highlights not only the risks, but the solutions – starting with redefining supply chain excellence and identifying best practices.

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Maine Pointe Article "Drive CPG Growth by Building a Partner Ecosystem" Featured in CPGmatters

CPG manufacturers need deeper insights into consumer trends, end-to-end collaboration throughout the partner ecosystem, and a TVO approach that benefits all parties. Joe Esteves, VP CPG, reinforces the importance of manufacturers seeing their success only through the eyes of the distributor – a model that disintermediates the manufacturer from the actual end user, which can leave money on the table. 

Originally Published in CPGmatters

CPG manufacturers have traditionally seen their primary role as leading the development and production stages of the supply chain with their “customers" being wholesalers, retailers and distributors. While in many cases the manufacturer provides the retailer or distributor with marketing collateral or general guidance in how to position their products to consumers, it is ultimately those further along the value chain and closer to the consumer who have always been in a better position to understand customer trends.

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