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Transmission, Generation, and Distribution

Capture the untapped value in your generation, transmission, and distribution infrastructure.

That’s the transformational power that SGS Maine Pointe delivers. We maximize profit and control costs with sustainable change, from the remotest fields to the boardroom.

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Key areas to focus on

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Optimize working capital to upgrade aging and invest in new equipment through with initiatives in releasing cash, reducing cost, and improving service. Gain the agility to master climate, resource, ESG, and economic challenges from sourcing to delivery. 

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Balance supply and demand through advanced data analytics. Improve control over and visibility into the energy supply chain with Total Value Optimization™. Partner for win-win negotiations with regulators, suppliers, and customers. Upskill procurement, operations, and logistics with leadership and operations improvement (LOI).

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Deploy intelligent solutions to give customers the personalized attention they demand and reply rapidly to change. Assess grid security and performance. Control spend even in aging infrastructure by optimizing your network and its maintenance through predictive analytics.

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Growth & Transformation

Identify growth opportunities and investment opportunities as markets change through due diligence and post-merger integration. Capture untapped value in legacy operations through advanced data analytics. Strengthen your decision making and create one trustworthy source of truth by increasing collaboration across functions.

Challenges you may face 

Climate Change

Resource Scarcity


Demographic Shifts

Volatile Economy

Aging Assets

New Technology

Skills Shortage

Supply & Demand Imbalance

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The energy industry encompasses electric power, natural gas, and renewable energy. It includes investor-owned, publicly-owned, cooperative, and nationalized utilities.

The transmission system for electric utilities includes lines and transformer stations. Electricity is transmitted from the generating source to distribution centers, other electric utilities, and final consumers, using a distribution system of lines, poles, meters, and wiring.

Renewable energy is also transported through transmission lines. Distributed generation systems—those that generate electricity near the point where it will be used—include solar panels, wind turbines, hydro, and bioenergy. The ability to use local resources allows a utility to quickly adapt to a surge in demand or to recover power during an outage. Interconnected systems and microgrids are becoming more common because of the agility and resiliency that they offer.

Gas utilities receive their natural gas supply through delivery points which are positioned along large gas-carrying interstate and intrastate transmission pipelines. The distribution network includes measurement and pressure regulators, corrosion control equipment, and valves and meters.

The total revenue for electric utilities is $400 billion in the US ($2.2 trillion globally) and for gas utilities, $100 billion in the US ($1.2 trillion globally). The renewable energy market is approximately $769 billion in the US ($882 billion globally).1

How will you generate, transmit, and distribute power sustainably at the highest ROI? How will you maximize profit and control costs in a volatile energy market with scarce resources, aging assets, rapid technology change, and unpredictable supply and demand?

SGS Maine Pointe transforms your planning, generation, transmission, and distribution operations with sustainable change. We tighten your control over procurement and logistics; improve your ability to balance supply and demand despite volatility; and revamp your network for greater efficiency, collaboration, and visibility. We address your most pressing issues:

  • Improve CAPEX and OPEX management
  • Improve asset reliability, field operations, spares and inventory management, and fleet management
  • Launch strategic procurement, operations, and logistics initiatives
  • Leverage technology
  • Integrate, transform, and turn around mergers and acquisitions
  • Optimize working capital by releasing cash, reducing costs, and improving service.

Where to begin

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