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    We delivered $30M in EBITDA and $40M in cash for a global food products innovator, producer and wholesaler 

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    Four practical initiatives for food processing executives

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Thriving in a changing, increasingly complex food industry

The global food and beverages market was estimated to be over $5650 billion as of 2017 and, according to a  2018 survey by Mazars USA, confidence in the industry is high, with 90% of businesses expecting sales to grow and 84% anticipating increased net profits. Similarly, industry leaders in Europe remain confident in the face of ongoing Brexit uncertainties. 

Despite strong forecasts, the global industry is facing significant headwinds. The food and beverage market is changing fast. Shifting consumer demands, greater competition, stringent food regulations and a shortage of available talent are just some of the key challenges now facing the industry. In addition, 2018 has seen tariffs and increasing protectionism threaten to undermine the complex global supply chain. Industry leaders are expressing concerns around rising commodity costs as well as food safety and quality assurance. This has led to an increasing reliance on new technologies such as blockchain which allow businesses to track assets at every stage of the supply chain, creating increased transparency and cost savings.

The key driver for growth is attracting new customers, with innovation and new product development seen as critical success factors. To remain competitive, executives need to be proactive in optimizing the efficiency of supply chain and operations and improving supplier optionality in the light of increased costs.

When was the last time you reviewed your supply chain performance?

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We deliver compelling economic returns and value through accelerated performance improvements in EBITDA, cash and growth for senior executives and private equity firms.

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Clients Speak

We brought Maine Pointe in for a Strategic Procurement initiative that involved helping us review our key food and beverage categories, and to identify cost savings opportunities along with a sustainable procurement process. They delivered nine training modules from ‘Supplier Conditioning’ all the way through ‘Implementing Supplier Agreements’ along with ‘Improving and Building Supplier Relationships’. These modules will help us to monitor current and future market conditions, to maintain quality and consistency, and improve the food costs throughout our restaurant system .”

Paul Murphy, President and CEO, Del Taco Restaurant

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