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Oil & Gas Industry Overview

Critical drivers and rising uncertainties

  • Confidence is growing in the energy, oil & gas industry. Years of imbalance in the market may reverse as we see an uptick, although mitigated, in global demand fueled mostly by China and Brazil
  • According to the IEA World Energy Outlook, 2017 “the world needs to find an additional 2.5 million bbls/d of new production each year, just for conventional output to remain flat”
  • For oil, 2019 has begun with significant production decreases across the globe aimed at driving crude prices higher, despite production steadily ramping up in the US. US production will continue to grow given rig count and well completion
  • When it comes to gas, the market is expected to remain optimistic as a continued and gradual shift away from coal-generated energy continues, slightly dipping in the summer months; however, this may be offset by growing international demand which will keep prices in the $2-$6/ MMBtu range
  • Asian demand for LNG is expected to continue to grow in 2019, as the cleaner properties of gas are making it an increasingly popular fuel in Asia. A risk to our outlook is rising LNG supply, notably from the US in 2019, which may act as a lid on LNG pricing as early as this year
  • Geopolitical issues such as US sanctions against Iran and intensifying US/China tariffs and trade war may have an adverse impact on global demand, but global consumption will still trend to the 100 – 105MM/bpd daily average
  • With a predicted slowdown in global economic growth rate for oil demand this year, increased governance is critical in balancing refining capacity and distillate availability

Depth of Experience and Expertise

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Responding to demand growth

In response to the industry’s prolonged squeeze in profits, many companies have scaled back investments in capital and talent. As the average tenured oil worker reaches retirement age, companies are finding themselves facing a skills gap. In addition, misguided application of lean and agile into essential areas through cost-cutting may well come back to bite companies and hamper efforts to ramp up production in the most effective manner.

Digital transformation is key 

Digital transformation is a keynote across the industry with Asian manufacturing companies leading the way in the pursuit of new technology. Getting ahead of the digital game will give companies a competitive advantage. It is imperative that businesses in the US and Europe keep up.

The rate of technological change is already driving digital transformation the world over. The volume of connected data available to operators continues to grow quickly. Much of this is being driven by the ongoing expansion of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) market.

When looking at upstream, midstream, downstream or oil field services, the story is consistent across the board: executives who are intent on reaching more profitable returns (ie, EBITDA/bbl) will continue to leverage enormous data and analytics to affect their actions in capturing significant growth opportunities, faster, while evolving to a more effective, digitally-led operating model. Risk management is critical to ensuring that any actions taken to participate in the industry resurgence are continuously evaluated, specifically as it pertains to reposition growth objectives.

Who we are

We are a specialist operational implementation consulting firm that accelerates measurable performance improvements in EBITDA, cash flow and growth for our clients across the oil & gas value chain.

What we do

As specialists in procurement, logistics and operations, we have the track record of accelerating measurable improvement across the buy-make-move-fulfill supply chain to deliver the greatest value to customers at the lowest cost to business.

How we do it

Our hands-on implementation experts work with Oil & Gas executives and their teams to rapidly move up the Total Value Optimization (TVO) Maturity Curve™ by:

  • Identifying and quantifying the real opportunity Identifying current constraints and barriers
  • Creating a robust and measurable business case with a clear ROI
  • Developing a pragmatic roadmap for accelerated results
  • Working closely with clients to Implement and track measurable improvements
  • Infusing best practice and delivering a quantifiable ROI
  • Training, mentoring and enhancing internal teams for sustainable performance

Why we are different

Our integrated approach is different in 6 key ways:

Crude-by-rail: Achieving better collaboration with the railroads

crude by rail icon

According to US government data, shipments of crude by rail averaged 130,000 barrels per day (bpd) in 2017. With Canadian crude shipments to the United States by rail, this could reach 350,000 (bpd) by year end and average some 400,000 bpd in 2020. This increase in shipments is mostly dependent on establishing a spot market for delivery. Companies such as Canadian National Railway, have insisted on long-term crude-by-rail commitments before providing additional rail capacity. 

Each segment in the oil and gas value chain will need to seek alternative strategic approaches to increasing capacity with minimal disruptions, lower costs, easier and more direct route utilization, intermodal optimization, and increased optionality. > Learn More

Want to find out more?

  • Look at our TVO™ model to identify the areas of opportunity in your business
  • Hear what other executives are saying about working with Maine Pointe
  • Read some of our client success stories
  • Speak to one of our industry executives

Clients Speak

Maine Pointe’s unique approach to a savings guarantee for clients, combined with their deep knowledge and practical work experience in supply chain management, sets them apart from others. Through an intense evaluation of existing practices and their focus on low capital investment solutions, sustainable process improvements are developed and implemented that yield real and measurable benefits for the long term.” 

Director, Logistics and Distribution, Irving Oil

I am happy to report that not only were our joint savings targets exceeded, but that our supplier relationships and transparency have also improved. The practical and hands-on approach of the Maine Pointe team has laid a solid foundation for on-going improvements.”

Bill Grainger Director of Transportation, Suncor Energy