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    Globalization of the world economy has redefined logistics

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    Total Value Optimization

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TVO Logistics PyramidCapacity challenges and disruptive models are driving the need for change in logistics and operations

The optimization and synchronization of cross-modal logistics with business operations is now a corporate fundamental. Most executives today recognize the need to change, yet still struggle to synchronize siloed procurement, manufacturing, logistics and fulfillment operations to anticipate demand and effectively meet customer requirements.

In North America, faster economic growth, a shortage of drivers, increases in environmental restrictions and reduced capacity across the truck and rail network are already affecting costs, margins and delivery times. Freight prices are forecasted to increase by 10-15% in 2018, with companies reporting uncertain delivery times, deteriorating margins, and some already set to issue profit warnings.

Logistics plays a vital role in global economies and is predicted to be worth $15.5Tn by 2023. Traditional companies are under increasing pressure as the ‘Amazon effect’ continues to transform the global market. This is a wake-up call for carriers to design new and improved processes and think creatively about the future. As customers demand a more transparent service that is faster and cheaper, carriers are developing the tools to process massive amounts of data in real-time. The keyword for success in this scenario is flexibility.

Broad logistics capabilities 

Maine Pointe has deep and differentiated capabilities in multimodal transportation, optimization modeling, planning for right product, right place, right time and lean operations. Our people have global experience working across all industry sectors from crude-by-rail to business-to-consumer package delivery.

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Helping client logistics and supply chain teams move up the TVO Maturity Curve™

Maine Pointe’s value proposition in logistics is pragmatic, measurable and focused on cross-modal solutions to create strategic value.


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Achieving Total Value Optimization™

As specialists in logistics, procurement and operations we have the track record of accelerating measurable improvement across the plan-buy-make-move-fulfill supply chain to deliver the greatest value to customers and investors at the lowest cost to business reduce risk and enable growth. From a logistics perspective, we typically help clients reduce spend by 5-15%, depending on mode.

Decades of Transportation Optimization Expertise 

We have an unrivaled team of logistics specialists with an average of 25 years' experience helping both shippers and carriers create win-win relationships. This has resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars of benefits delivered to clients.

Our experts eliminate bottlenecks, reduce costs, enhance throughput, create strategic relationships, improve internal team performance & help clients differentiate logistics capability through Total Value Optimization™.

Remote Site Services

If you're already spending tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars a year on remote site services, you can hardly afford to have your competitiveness compromised by factors you can better control directly. Inferior site services can expose you to increased risks and liabilities, avoidable disruptions, wasted resources, and unrealized savings in the millions of dollars.

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Clients Speak

Maine Pointe has been instrumental in helping guide Potash Corp with our long-term transportation and distribution strategy. With a tremendous team possessing expertise in many disciplines, they were able to communicate knowledge, and effectively transfer it, to our people. We have been extremely pleased with their performance.” 

David Delaney, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Potash Corp

The Maine Pointe team ‘opened our eyes’, challenged our thinking, and helped us reduce our total North American logistics costs to some 25% less." 

Herm Canil, Director, Purchasing and Supply Chain, PGW Glass LLC

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