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    Analysis to Implementation: Operational Due Diligence

    Uncover supply chain and operations oriented value creation opportunities

Operational Due Diligence

Improving Time-to-Value Creation Confidence Competitiveness

In today’s hyper-competitive PE market how can PE firms gain an advantage over their competitors, make smarter buying decisions, and speed up the value creation process?

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The answer lies in operational due diligence (ODD) and the timely use of data analytics (DA) and artificial intelligence (AI) in assessing target companies. Maine Pointe’s comprehensive set of pre- and post-acquisition due diligence offerings and implementation services help improve confidence, competitiveness and time-to-value creation and exit valuation.

  • Maine Pointe has delivered billions of dollars in benefits to over 50 PE firms and 100 portfolio companies operating in 30 countries around the world
  • We’ve successfully completed operational due diligences in your industry and we’re focused on supporting more growth initiatives in your space
  • In one example of Maine Pointe’s approach, a PE owner’s portfolio company achieved a 60:1 ROI at exit in less than one year

Why Maine Pointe?

We drive value across the whole PE deal lifecycle from operational due diligence through to integrating bolts-on acquisitions to optimizing the supply chain and operations before exit. Our approach brings together subject matter and due diligence experts, to improve win rates and reduce investment risk. Our diligence engagements implement sustainable change and present a clear path to realizing EBITDA, cashflow, and growth opportunities ensuring your investment realizes value throughout the holding period and at exit.  

How due diligence can be incorporated into the value creation process

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Client Results - Operational due diligence across the PE lifecycle

Pre-acquisition due diligence

A PE firm had entered a competitive acquisition process to take a publicly-traded audio and technology consumer products company private. Maine Pointe was brought in early for the operational due diligence to help identify and size potential opportunities in the supply chain for value creation. The information we provided gave the client the analytical insights to raise their investment commitment and ultimately acquire the company successfully. Post-deal, the PE firm asked Maine Pointe to conduct an in-depth analysis and work with the CEO to help realize the opportunities previously identified. As a result, the company almost doubled EBITDA and achieved a 6:1 project ROI. (CS194)

Driving accelerated synergies post-acquisition

Following a due diligence which uncovered millions of dollars in supply chain synergies and opportunities to quickly improve operating costs Maine Pointe served this PE-owned contract manufacturer with an accelerated plan for time-to-value creation in procurement and logistics. We delivered the first 20% EBITDA savings within 4 weeks, 50% annualized savings improvement within four months and developed a road map to drive $3M in unexpected additional synergies. (CS203)

Post-acquisition portfolio company value creation

Maine Pointe successfully completed 13 engagements within one PE firm’s portfolio, spanning procurement, logistics and operations. This led to an increase in the valuation of their portfolio by over $700 million. (CS202)

Increasing value in a portfolio company near exit

This PE-owned specialty materials and specialty chemicals company wanted to increase multiples of a business unit. Maine Pointe assisted the portfolio company and their PE and financial partners in preparation for sale and a series of due diligences. We worked closely with the investment bank to create the appropriate content and materials for the company’s sales package delivering a 60:1 ROI at exit in less than one year. (CS178)

Clients Speak

One of the many strengths of the Maine Pointe team was their communication and collaboration skills.  Maine Pointe personnel worked closely and effectively with our executive leadership and cross-functional teams to identify and capture significant savings across the enterprise-wide spend portfolio. I would recommend Maine Pointe to any company looking to significantly improve their supply chain service offering and to enhance the overall effectiveness of their company.”

Jamie Better CEO and PE Operating Partner, Nellson Nutraceutical

CEO Testimonial Video

The president of a  specialty materials and chemicals company which had recently been acquired by a global private equity firm talks candidly about how Maine Pointe helped his organization switch from tactical to strategic procurement and delivered a double-digit increase in EBITDA.

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