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Operational Data Analytics - Three Ways to Unlock Value

Achieving the great promise of Industry 4.0 and the industrial internet of things (IIoT) requires changes to current methods of production, processing, and manufacturing. Many industries are already undergoing a reindustrialization to improve competitiveness. They recognize that Industry 4.0 will be mostly categorized using high-tech and big data. Yet, as the big data explosion continues unabated, research indicates that many executives are struggling to extract value and drive differentiation through data analytics and IIoT. At best, companies have captured just a third of the potential value. So, what’s standing in their way?
Topics: Data Analytics Cross-functional transformation

Reduced Cycle Time = Increased Speed, Growth and Profit

The golf cart story

Jim Mynaugh, Senior Delivery Advisor, explains how cycle time reduction improves speed, unlocks profit, enables growth, and argues that being 'good' is not 'good enough' anymore. 

Topics: Operations Excellence Operational Improvements