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Cold Chain Series Part 2: The supply chain risks healthcare & life sciences executives need to be aware of and the trends that will shape the future

Joseph Esteves, VP Industry Partner at Maine Pointe looks at the potential risks and rewards for transportation carriers and 3PLs operating across the cold chain logistics market

The term ‘cold chain logistics’ refers to the storage, handling and transportation of product under temperature-controlled conditions. These conditions can be frozen, chilled or ambient, but any product that requires a controlled, monitored environment where a constant temperature is maintained is included. The two main product categories under the ‘cold chain’ umbrella are food and Healthcare & Life Sciences products.

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How Can Packaging Companies Respond to Global Bans on Single-use Plastic?

As an increasing number of countries, cities and organizations ban single-use plastics, Joseph Esteves, VP Industry Partner at Maine Pointe considers how packaging companies can respond.

Increased awareness around environmental pollution has heightened concerns about indiscriminate waste disposal. Much of the discussion focuses around the excessive use of plastics which, despite being a useful material, pose a threat to our planet.

The environmental threat of single use plastics

About 80-85% of all litter in the oceans is plastic and half of that is made up of throw-away, ‘single use’ items such as plastic straws. This disturbing fact has prompted over 60 countries worldwide to ban single- use packaging items.

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