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Recognizing the Importance of Culture in a Family-Owned Business

A tailored approach can help companies that are not used to working with consultants achieve transformational results without compromising their core philosophy and values.

In the world’s more developed markets, we often see fragmented ownership with families selling all or part of their business over time. Statistics from the Family Business Institute show that only one third of family-owned businesses last into a second generation of ownership, 12% to a third and just 3% to a fourth.

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Building a Global Platform for Sustainable Growth

 A collaborative, cross-functional approach is the key to driving improvements across multiple acquisitions

Aggressive growth based on multiple acquisitions has become a relatively common strategy for companies looking to break into new markets, gain competitive edge or acquire new products and technologies. However, successfully merging multiple companies, processes and business cultures is not without its challenges.

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Ensuring Your Supply Chain Keeps Pace With Rapid Change in 2018

Chairman and CEO of Maine Pointe, Steven Bowen, talks about upcoming changes that will impact your business and supply chain in 2018.

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The Supply Chain Reality: Increasing Complexities and Cost-Savings Fatigue Threaten Profitability

Steven Bowen’s New Book “Total Value Optimization” Outlines Methodology to Optimize Supply Chains for Competitive Advantage

CEOs and supply chain leaders are under increasing pressure to deliver differentiated, lasting performance—fast. Among the issues they struggle with; responding to the complexities faced across the supply chain and managing the daily challenges presented as competitors become more numerous, more formidable, and more global.

In today’s fast-paced market, profitability is at risk as whole supply chains shift in industries.

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A Bright Future for the Sealants & Adhesives Market

Despite facing some tough trading conditions in recent years, the global sealants & adhesives market is forecasted to reach $59B by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 4.72% between 2015 and 2020.* This continued period of rapid and sustained growth presents industry executives with an exciting opportunity to capture that growth.

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Shrink reduction across the entire value chain

From farm to home: These are challenging times for traditional mid-tier grocers, who are fighting to maintain their margins in an ever-changing and increasingly competitive market. How can you maintain and improve EBITDA under these circumstances? The answer lies in the way you approach shrink.

Topics: Food and Beverage Total Value Optimization

A $100M EBITDA Opportunity for Oil Refiners

Now is the time for maritime shipping: North American oil refiners who are not fully leveraging maritime shipping could add tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars to their bottom line over the coming year. Now is the time to re-evaluate your sourcing and logistics strategies, capitalize on the opportunity to buy cost-advantaged crude directly from international markets and ensure low-cost, efficient transport to improve margins.

Breaking down the silos between operations and procurement functions

Most executives today recognize that a ‘silo’ mentality within an organization is a barrier to growth and efficiency, yet many still struggle to synchronize procurement, operations, manufacturing, logistics and fulfillment operations to anticipate demand and effectively meet customer requirements. There are many benefits to breaking down silos, the most obvious is that you will save money but more importantly it will enable you to improve both your supplier and customer relationships.
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4 Operational Areas UK Food and Drink Processing Companies Need to Focus On

Responding to Market Dynamics

These are trying times for the UK’s big four supermarkets, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. All have struggled with falling sales as shoppers’ habits change. Consumers are ditching the traditional big weekly shop in favour of several visits to smaller local shops and discounters.  Additionally, the seemingly unstoppable rise of insurgent German supermarkets, Aldi and LIdl, has cost the established names dearly. An increasingly ferocious price war means that grocery prices have fallen constantly since autumn of 2014, bringing prices down by 1.7% in just 12 months according to retail researchers Kantar Worldpanel.

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Adapt To Succeed in the US Chemicals and Materials Industry

This year, the US chemicals industry has become increasingly unpredictable from a purchasing and supply chain management standpoint. At the same time top–line organic growth is proving ever more elusive. However there is light on the horizon in the form of industry and economic growth. The slower-than-expected pace of this growth has opened a short window of opportunity which companies can exploit to gain the competitive edge.

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