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Mike Notarangeli, EVP Logistics

Recent Posts by Mike Notarangeli, EVP Logistics:

Solar Panels May Play a Role in the Future of Green Fleet Initiatives

Amid growing speculation on the long-term future of fossil fuels and increasing environmental concerns, Mike Notarangeli, EVP Logistics, considers the pros and cons of incorporating solar panels in the trucking business



Topics: Logistics Alternative Energy green initiatives

How The Ongoing Trade War Impacts Container Leasing

As the effects of the global trade war reverberate across supply chains, Mike Notarangeli, EVP Logistics, looks at the impact on the container leasing industry and considers the new opportunities that could arise from taking an active approach 

Topics: Logistics Tariffs Trade TVO

Maritime and Container Logistics: Who Will be the Catalysts to Drive Total Value Optimization?

Mike Notarangeli is EVP, Logistics at Maine Pointe and a former Executive Director for the Semiconductor Manufacturing Global Council at RosettaNet / GS1 US.

Mike recently attended  TPM19, the industry event for the Trans-Pacific Maritime Conference. Logistics providers, Beneficial Cargo Owners (BCOs), solution providers, and other members of the maritime logistics ecosystem came together to discuss important topics that will affect the industry in the near term and into the future. Here he shares some key takeaways from the event.
Topics: Logistics Sustainability Supply Chain Performance

Assessing Freight Sustainability

Mike Notarangeli, Maine Pointe’s EVP Logistics, discusses why freight sustainability has often become the key to retaining existing business and gaining new business. 


Topics: Logistics Sustainability Supply Chain Performance

Logistics Outlook: Overcoming Challenges in an Era of Rising Rates

Mike Notarangeli, Maine Pointe’s EVP, Logistics, discusses some immediate steps transportation providers need to take to maintain competitiveness as market, industry, and legislative issues force rate rises.

For the last couple of years, there have been constant murmurings among logistics providers about an impending rise in rates. It’s safe to say that threat has now become a reality.

Topics: Logistics Supply Chain Performance