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Gaining data visibility and control is critical to rebalancing the chemicals supply chain and operations

After the double shock of Coronavirus and the ‘Texas Freeze’ visibility and control of the chemicals supply chain and operations is critical to recovery. Glenn Hoskin, EVP Energy & Natural Resources at Maine Pointe, looks at the impact of these events on the industry and considers some of the steps executives can take to ensure they have accurate data at their fingertips to inform decision-making.

Topics: Operations Excellence Total Value Optimization Chemicals Operational Improvements Data Analytics Stabilize-Recover-Rebalance

Operational Due Diligence: Three Steps to Accelerate and Unlock Value on Your Next Transaction

The global crisis has underscored weaknesses in a boilerplate approach to operational due diligence which many private equity firms were already aware of. Maine Pointe's Mark McTigue and Joe Esteves discuss the changes PE must now make and outline three steps firms can take to rapidly unlock value on the next deal.

Topics: Private Equity Consulting Operational Due Diligence Stabilize-Recover-Rebalance post-pandemic world

End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility: a £1Bn Cautionary Tale

A UK online retailer recently received a very expensive lesson in the importance of supply chain risk management. Maine Pointe's Bill Forster discusses why this should act as a catalyst to business leaders to urgently review their own supply base and ask themselves : Can we afford to lose £1Bn ?

Topics: Supply Chain Resilience Stabilize-Recover-Rebalance post-pandemic world

Is Today's Supply Chain Model Dead? Have You got its Replacement Ready?

A recent executive discussion document co-authored  by Maine Pointe and Michigan State University (MSU), argues that, while the supply chain may not be responsible for all the problems attributed to it, the vulnerabilities exposed by the current pandemic necessitate rapid and far-reaching changes to prevailing supply chain and business models.

Topics: Supply Chain Resilience Stabilize-Recover-Rebalance post-pandemic world