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The Simple Guide to ESG in the Supply Chain

In the first of a three-part insights series to help CEOs and supply chain professionals navigate the ESG landscape, Maine Pointe’s CMO, Simon Knowles, and Alan Amling, Distinguished Fellow, Global Supply Chain Institute summarize ESG in the supply chain and discuss why it’s an imperative now.

Topics: Supply Chain Optimization Reducing Risk ESG Investment

Gaining A Competitive Advantage With Supply Chain Network Design

As companies struggle to keep pace in today’s turbulent supply chain and operations environment, they recognize that the new path forward requires faster and better decision-making and improved accuracy and visibility. Maine Pointe’s Bill Forster and Collin Ziemerink discuss how Supply Chain Network Design takes a systematic approach to supply chain and operations optimization.

Topics: Supply Chain Optimization resliency Supply Chain Design Reducing Risk

A new way to drive value for your portfolio companies and add-on initiatives

With PE deal making continuing its unparalleled run and with add-ons continuing to increase their share of deals, PE executives need to find a new way to accelerate and optimize value when integrating add-ons. Maine Pointe’s private equity team discusses how supply chain network design and optimization can rapidly
equip private equity executives and portfolio CEOs with the ability to make faster and better decisions, respond to market dynamics and accelerate time-to-integration and value creation.

The imperative to rapidly respond to market dynamics to drive value

Topics: Private Equity Supply Chain Optimization portfolio investment digitalization Network Design

Is your supply chain and operation prepared for a surge in growth?

JP Morgan predict that, following a slowdown at the beginning of the year, growth should surge in Q3 of 2021*. Maine Pointe's Steve Delano considers how, fueled by a release of pent-up consumer demand and extra savings, this might affect the consumer discretionary sector. This digest outlines nine strategies executives should adopt now to ensure they are fully prepared for a surge in growth.

Topics: Cost, Cash, Growth Supply Chain Optimization Supply Chain Resilience CPG & Retail

Five Ways to Optimize your Direct-to-Consumer Channel; 2020 was the Stress Test, Now it's Time to Fix what Failed

Bill Forster EVP Agriculture, Food & Consumer Goods, outlines five practical steps consumer goods & retail executives can take now to optimize direct-to-consumer channels and achieve profitable growth faster than anticipated.

Topics: Supply Chain Optimization retail CPG Supply Chain Resilience post-pandemic world Direct-to-Consumer

Four Ways to Build a Successful Renewable Energy Supply Chain

Glenn Hoskin, EVP Energy & Natural Resources, considers four cost-effective and competitive ways executives can achieve the renewable energy supply chain goals they have set for themselves

Topics: Supply Chain Optimization Renewable Energy

Aviation, Aerospace & Defense Supply Chains Can Still be Resilient in a Global Emergency

The aviation, aerospace & defense (“AA&D”) industry has been rocked by an unprecedented near shutdown of commercial aviation and faced the impact of unpredictable parts shortages as companies shutdown/lockdown facilities across the entire supply chain.

Topics: Total Value Optimization Aerospace Supply Chain Optimization globalization supply chain risk optionality Risk Mitigation global uncertainty Aviation Aerospace Manufacturing #aerospace industry defense Supply Chain Risk Management Supply Chain Resilience pandemic disruption new normal 737 Max Aviation Industry CXO

Adapting Supply Chains to the New Normal

The importance of contingency planning to protect resilience is key in today's hyperconnected global supply chains. Maine Pointe's Bill Forster offers his advice on how to weather the storm when the unexpected happens and how to be better prepared when the next one hits.

Topics: Total Value Optimization Supply Chain Optimization CPG Coronavirus Supply Chain Risk Management

How Can the Mining Industry Overcome Unprecedented Challenges and Reverse its Downward Spiral?

Collin Ziemerink, EVP Industrial Manufacturing & Services and Erico Lemos, Analysis Director, offer a detailed look at the challenges the mining industry faces, and a strategy that can continue to deliver value in the long term.

Topics: Sustainability and Value Creation Mining Total Value Optimization Supply Chain Transformation Supply Chain Optimization end to end supply chain integration supply chain risk metals

Addressing Supply Chain Challenges Faced by Aviation, Aerospace & Defense Companies Driven by Complex Global Risk Factors

Chris Brumitt, VP Aviation, Aerospace & Defense, says suppliers facing complex global risk factors should re-evaluate and prepare themselves proactively by working to become more effective organizations.

Topics: Sustainability and Value Creation Total Value Optimization Supply Chain Transformation Aerospace Aerospace & Defense Supply Chain Optimization end to end supply chain integration inventory management supply chain risk Aviation Aerospace Manufacturing #aerospace industry defense