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    Global Oil & Gas Company Success Story

    What every oil & gas producer preparing for a shutdown needs to know to ensure it happens on time, on budget and with a 100% safety record

Preparing for and conducting one of the largest turnarounds in a plant's history with zero accidents or spills and saving $3M per day

The challenge

Just three months away from the start of the largest shutdown in the history of a strategic production asset, our client made the difficult decision to terminate its general contractor. Up to this point, the contractor had owned and driven the turnaround. To add to our client’s concerns, the same contractor was responsible for construction of a new sister plant which was running 18 weeks behind schedule.

With a turnaround budget set at $60M and potential losses across the asset totaling $3M per day for every day of overrun, fast and decisive action was required to avert a major cost overrun. The operator needed to identify the gaps, close them and reallocate responsibilities to ensure that the shutdown happened on time, on budget and without anybody getting hurt. Determined that postponement was not an option, the asset manager called on a trusted contact at Maine Pointe to deliver.

This story is for oil & gas producers who:

  1. Are preparing for a scheduled turnaround
  2. Want to be sure their personnel and contractors have all the information they need at their fingertips
  3. Need to complete the turnaround on time and on budget
  4. Want to make the safety of the shutdown their number 1 priority
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Helping to close the gaps 

Maine Pointe analyzed the company’s previous turnaround experience to identify where support was most needed and developed tools that would enable them to:

  • Successfully communicate with client personnel and contractors, telling them everything they needed to know on a daily basis
  • Capture, organize and display all the data and information necessary to feed core decision-making activity
  • Optimize the PJHA process creating a new permitting office that became the ‘jewel’ of the turnaround
  • Install visual tools to allow permitting staff to know they were issuing permits in a safe, coordinated way 

Our team remained on site throughout the shutdown working alongside company personnel to be sure they had everything they needed at their disposal.

The results

With the eyes of the worldwide oil & gas industry on them, this was an outstanding collaborative effort that saw personnel and contractors at all levels taking responsibility for safeguarding each and every part of the process. This resulted in the largest and the safest turnaround in the plant’s history and one of the largest anywhere in the world that year.

  • 65,000 man-hours with zero spills or injuries
  • Executives had every piece of information to hand at all times, as did contractor supervisors and leads
  • The turnaround was completed on budget and with half a day to spare
  • The company has now adopted tools developed by Maine Pointe across all its operations

Lessons learned for other executives

  • It is possible to have a completely safe major shutdown
  • Maine Pointe’s unique approach will help you develop and disseminate best practice methodology
  • Engaging a professional and experienced operations consultancy can rapidly and efficiently identify and solve readiness issues

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