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    Supply Chain Risk Management

    Approximately 40% of executives do not have an effective supply chain risk management program in place

Act now to ensure sourcing and manufacturing optionality

When the unexpected happens, not having supply chain sourcing optionality or manufacturing footprint capacity could impact margins, growth and customer service.

  • The global pandemic has added a new layer of risk to the environmental, geopolitical, economic and technological factors faced by supply chains
  • In its March Interim Report, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) March interim report projected economic growth could be cut in half
  • Investment bank, China International Capital Corporation downgraded its 2020 growth forecast for China to 2.6% in March, down from 6.1% in January
  • Oil prices suffered their biggest drop since 1991 as Saudi Arabia and Russia vowed to pump more in a battle for market share 
  • While the majority of businesses agree that recession is likely to occur, less than ten percent consider themselves well prepared
  • Supply chain leaders urgently need to assess and plan for how the virus will impact them and quickly take measures to protect resilience
  • If you’re one of the ~40 percent of companies who do not have an effective supply chain risk management program in place, you need to act now to ensure sourcing and manufacturing optionality

Maine Pointe's range of end-to-end services helps CEOs build resilience into the supply chain

Along with the uncertainties caused by tariffs and trade wars, the global pandemic has highlighted the vulnerability of today’s hyperconnected global supply chains and the importance of contingency planning to protect resilience. Planning for short, mid and long-term disruptions is critical. However, while executives are aware of at least some of the most prevalent supply chain risk factors, many do not have robust contingency plans in place to protect their business if the unexpected happens. The current situation has added new urgency to the need to know sooner and act faster.

We can help you prepare for and respond to the unexpected

Having an end-to-end supply chain risk management approach is critical to growth, profitability and corporate survival. Optimizing your supply chain from a risk, cost, cash, quality and growth perspective will help secure supplier relationships, prevent supply bottlenecks and ensure your company is operating both legally and ethically. Taking a Total Value Optimization (TVO)™ approach to risk management and integrated supply chain optimization helps business leaders increase visibility and implement accelerated measurable improvements across the global supply chain. It enables executives to quantify EBITDA improvements, together with operational and working capital risks and opportunities, then develop a documented implementation road map for improvement.

There is still a chance to assess and mitigate against the risks your supply chain is facing today. Don’t wait for the next storm to hit. Contact Maine Pointe.

Clients Speak

Our supplier base now understands that we bring a much larger spend to the market than was previously visible, and our organization understands the risks and opportunities within our supply chain. I would recommend Maine Pointe to any organization looking to transform its procurement, sales and operations planning and data analytics capabilities into competitive advantages." CEO heavy equipment manufacturer (Maine Pointe Success Story CS222a)

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