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Achieving a 20% EBITDA improvement (CS183)

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The owners and newly formed management team at this specialty chemicals manufacturer were in the throws of a major rebranding campaign. A key objective was to rebuild the company’s poor reputation in the market place in order to achieve an accelerated timeline for acquisition.

However, efforts to achieve this objective were being impeded by the company’s lack of any strategic procurement organization or process. With no internal or published specification requirements and non-existent procurement contracts and agreements, executives had no transparency and only a limited understanding of the products they were buying.

As a result, the company was locked into a single source supply chain without any qualified alternatives. Executives approached SGS-Maine Pointe as a trusted partner of the private equity owner. They asked us to help them rebuild the company’s damaged reputation within the supplier community, establish procurement processes and systems and carry out supplier conditioning to obtain better value from their existing suppliers.

How did this turn into a success story? Download the PDF to find out. 

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