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Industrial Manufacturing

Rapidly address supply chain and operations challenges to improve EBITDA, cash, resilience and growth

Forbes and U.S. Consulting Awards for Maine Pointe 2022

Benefits & Track Record

10% to 20%

EBITDA growth

30% to 60%

Improvement in near-term cash

4:1 to 8:1

ROI in year one

20+ Years

Avg. Team Experience

$4+ Billion

In value creation delivered


Unique 100% fee-based guarantee

Your Challenge

The industrial and manufacturing industry is seeing an increasing need to address:

  • Transportation and distribution disruption.
  • Supplier and production bottlenecks.
  • Labor challenges.
  • Spiraling input costs.
  • Poor supply chain visibility and traceability.
  • Supplier optionality.
  • Sales and operations planning.
  • Customer and investor environment social & governance (ESG) scrutiny.
  • Cross enterprise collaboration / Design for Excellence.



What We Do

Our analytics and manufacturing operational implementation experts work shoulder-to-shoulder with executives and their teams to:

  • Quickly gain insight and control.
  • Accelerate initiatives and drive measurable improvements across the end-to-end supply chain and operations to drive EBITDA, cash and growth.
  • Drive pragmatic change through a unique step-by-step approach called Total Value Optimization™ (TVO).
  • Implement tangible deliverables that achieve clients financial and operational goals.
  • Deliver an ROI between 4:1 and 8:1; we provide a unique 100% engagement fee guarantee based on annualized savings.

The SGS Maine Pointe Difference

Rapid Insight & Control

Our data analytics and digital supply chain expertise unlocks actionable insights across multiple data silos and drives measurable results for industrial, manufacturing and services companies to make real-time decisions.

Robust ROI Business Case & Road Map Development

Our in-depth analysis focuses on quantifying production, supply chain and planning gaps to drive performance and improve EBITDA, cash, resilience and growth with 4:1 to 8:1 ROI.

Unique Implementation Methodology

Our pragmatic and unique Total Value Optimization™ implementation methodology is designed to drive industrial manufacturing companies to greater efficiency, resilience, growth and profitability.

Experience and Manufacturing Subject Matter Expertise

Our use of subject matter experts (SMEs) with extensive industrial manufacturing experience provides strong credibility and deep insights to achieve measurable results (average 25 years of experience).

Accelerated, Sustainable Change

Our leader and organization improvement (LOI) process aligns cross-functional operations with suppliers with common goals and ensures sustainable change.

Unique 100% Guarantee of Fees Based on Annualized Savings

Our unique 100% engagement fee guarantee mitigates the risk of the investment required to capture value.

How we work with you

Deliver results not reports

Our rapid insights and analysis approach provides:

  • Detailed studies and proof-of-claim to demonstrate a benefits range
  • Jointly developed implementation roadmap defining activities, methodologies, timelines and resources
  • Financial business case of benefits timing and investment

We work shoulder-to-shoulder with you and your teams to:

  • Implement an accelerated and measurable improvement journey that delivers EBITDA, cash, resilience and growth underpinned by a unique guarantee
  • Align leader and operational teams with strategic goals, enhancing internal and external teams/processes and behaviors to deliver sustainable improvements

Post engagement we can work with you to continually drive value enhancement through:

  • Periodically reviewing performance and running training programs
  • Reviewing your Supply Chain Control Tower for ongoing visibility and control
  • Carrying out testing, inspection and certification programs to ensure supply chain resilience and compliance
How we work with you

What Our Manufacturing Clients Say

Experience the difference

Driving measurable results together

Facing competitive and commodity headwinds we chose Maine Pointe to help accelerate performance improvement in our organization. Their partnering approach helped us deliver measurable and sustainable double-digit improvement that improved our competitiveness.

Brent Yeagy, President & CEO

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Supply Chain and Operations Transformation


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Managing Director, Private Equity & Industrials

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