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Since 2004 we have pursued our vision of becoming the world's most sought-after supply chain and operations consulting firm. Here we highlight some of our partner and client quotes over the years.

Triple Effect of Cash, Cost Growth

After applying TVO across three corporations, both public and private equity owned, we generated $290M in EBITDA, $310M in cash and growth through improved customer responsiveness. Every company and CEO should consider implementing TVO.
-Jim Voss, CEO, Vectra

Sustainable Processes and Practices Across the Global Supply Chain and Operations

"Total Value Optimization was the main reason why we selected SGS Maine Pointe. They could go across our manufacturing plants, our global supply chain, the leadership and organization and help us with developing sustainable processes and practices. SGS Maine Pointe helped us deliver on our highest level of revenue ever, we had a measurable improvement in EBITDA that was significant and beneficial to the company and we are going to continue to reap a return on our investment in the next year and a half."
-Kirk Goins, CEO Luminator Technology Group

Best Approach to Supply Chain and Operations Excellence

"TVO is the best approach we have seen to achieve integrated supply chain excellence in operations, logistics and procurement."
-J Paul Dittman PhD, Executive Director, Global Supply Chain Institute, University of Tennessee

Laying the Foundations for Growth

"SGS Maine Pointe consultants, working side by side with our team, elevated our competitive edge in the market place and positioned our company to absorb additional work through sales via organic growth or mergers and acquisitions."
-Mike Lane, CEO, Nevco LLC

Measurable Results in Operational Excellence and Strategic Procurement

"Working with our leadership, middle management and on-the-ground teams, SGS Maine Pointe helped us deliver significant improvements in operational excellence and implement strategic procurement across our businesses. They brought the operating practices and the experience we needed to achieve measurable results for our business and our people."
-Ian Barkshire, CEO, Oxford Instruments

Understanding Risks and Opportunities in the Supply Chain and Operations

"I am pleased to say the engagement was successful; the savings goals were achieved and, in certain cases, exceeded the initial expectations. As a result of the engagement we now have a better understanding of the risks and opportunities within our supply chain, which creates a competitive advantage for SunPower."
-Manavendra Sial, CFO, SunPower Technologies

A Unique Approach Delivered Results

"The work SGS Maine Pointe has done, not just the results but the way they've gone about working with our people, is unlike anything I've ever seen."
-Jim Mish, CEO Noramco

Maintaining and Strengthening Supplier Relationships

"SGS Maine Pointe promised us industry experts and delivered. They promised us savings and delivered. They promised to leave us with a sustainable process that would continue to yield benefits years down and they delivered. All of this was done while maintaining and strengthening supplier relationships that we have had for more than 20 years. I have the highest regard for SGS Maine Pointe and am happy to recommend them to any company."
-Rory Leyden, President and CEO, Hoffmaster Group, Inc

Leveraging Supply Chain Insights to Create Competitive Advantage

"This initiative has increased our understanding of the competitive dynamics within our supply chain as well as major risks and opportunities, and we are going to leverage this knowledge to create a competitive advantage."
-Hanno Holm, Chief Operating Officer, The Simply Good Foods Company

Driving Customer Service Excellence in a Competitive Market

"In an increasingly competitive market, we engaged SGS Maine Pointe to help us optimize key areas of the supply chain, with a primary focus on logistics and warehousing. SGS Maine Pointe's industry and subject matter experts conducted an analysis which identified significant savings potential across the workstreams. I am very pleased to report that at the conclusion of our 28-week engagement we achieved savings at the high end of the targeted range while also dramatically enhancing the customer experience."
-Dawn Phillipson, CFO, Arhaus

SGS Maine Pointe Outperforms Other Firms CEO Has Worked With

"Having been involved in other procurement processes in the past, SGS Maine Pointe by far exceeds all other firms I have worked with and is the most professional and effective solution for achieving savings and operational excellence in strategic procurement. Not only did we exceed our savings goals, SGS Maine Pointe has enhanced our corporate culture as they set a high standard of professionalism and methodical processes that our team has adopted in other areas of the business. I would recommend SGS Maine Pointe to any company looking to change the game in their procurement function and to enhance the overall effectiveness of their company."
-Daniel Pelton, President and CEO, Taylor

A Superior Approach to Partnering

"SGS Maine Pointe’s approach to partnering is superior to other consultants I have worked with. The very disciplined methodology they employed delivered greater results, significantly faster than we could have achieved ourselves."
-CEO, Multibillion-dollar Chemical Company

A Tailored Approach

"The team tailored SGS Maine Pointe's collaborative, integrated TVO approach to the specific needs of each of our diverse business units, identifying opportunities and implementing sustainable growth and savings across our business."
-Anshooman Aga VP and CFO, Cubic

Accomplished Cultural Change

"We chose SGS Maine Pointe because of their high level of personal attention, depth of experience, and professionalism. The results included strengthening our organization structure with a center-led procurement system. We could never accomplish this type of cultural change without the professional help of SGS Maine Pointe."
-Welch Goggins, President and CEO, Cleaver-Brooks Inc.

Increased Sales by 50%

"I was shocked that together we identified, designed, agreed, and implemented a new approach that increased sales volume by over 50%. Now, several years later, we are still serving our clients with increasing bottom-line margins and continue to grow!"
-Nancy Sacunas Chief Executive Officer, Sacunas Inc.

Measurable Impact/Unique Guarantee

"A strong spend management program that leverages the right approach can have a tremendous impact on working capital, cost control and reduction, and the bottom line. There are few comparable firms with the same impact. Enabling a quick start and having the safety net of a guarantee makes SGS Maine Pointe all the more attractive."
-John Sinatra, Chief Financial Officer, Veronis Suhler Stevenson

Measurable Results

"I would highly recommend SGS Maine Pointe. Our experience has been excellent and the results speak for themselves."
-Bill Wittenberg, President & CEO, Klaussner Home Furnishings

A Reputation for PE Expertise

"We chose to partner with SGS Maine Pointe based on their reputation and expertise within the private equity space, especially with organizational carve-outs and cost reduction exercises. Additionally, SGS Maine Pointe is known for its disciplined, well-defined process approach and commitment to delivering accelerated savings and benefits."
-Brent Burks, VP Supply Chain, GEON Performance Solutions

Working Collaboratively with Client Team to Enhance Overall Effectiveness

"One of the many strengths of the SGS Maine Pointe team was their communication and collaboration skills. SGS Maine Pointe personnel worked closely and effectively with our executive leadership and cross-functional teams to identify and capture significant savings across the enterprise-wide spend portfolio. I would recommend SGS Maine Pointe to any company looking to significantly improve their supply chain service offering and to enhance the overall effectiveness of their company."
-Jamie Better, Chief Executive Officer, Nellson

Delivering Value Above Expectations

"I was skeptical of the savings based on our experienced team and vendor knowledge. However, obtaining the bottom line 2 to 1 fee structure was not a problem and we achieved a number exceeding our internal forecast. When we interviewed the SGS Maine Pointe team they stated, ‘we typically achieve the high end of the mid-point,' and our project was no exception."
-Scott Slater, Chief Executive Officer, NBG Home

Focused on Delivery and Making Results Stick

"Our experience with SGS Maine Pointe was a very positive one. Apart from the significant financial benefit accruing from our procurement and supply chain engagement, we will continue to benefit from the up-skilling of staff, process innovation and change mentality the engagement delivered. SGS Maine Pointe are professional partners, focused on delivery and making the results stick. I have no hesitation in recommending SGS Maine Pointe to others."
-Rob Burnett, Chief Executive Officer, Bernard Matthews

Creating a Competitive Advantage

"Our initiative with SGS Maine Pointe has increased our understanding of the competitive dynamics within our supply chain as well as the risks and opportunities. Going forward, we will leverage these contributions to create a competitive advantage."
-Diane Preston, Chief Supply Chain Officer, High Ridge Brands

Support to Achieve Financial Goals

"Our project goals called for us to navigate the tumultuous waters of organizational change to capture more than $20M of annualized savings. Successfully guided, and appropriately pushed, by our SGS Maine Pointe partners, we are now well on our way to capturing those savings."
-John D Baumann, President and CEO Colony Brands

A Tailored Approach Delivered Measurable Results

"SGS Maine Pointe’s ability to remain flexible and consistently adjust protocol as required to meet our organization’s needs resulted in a very successful relationship. The anticipated deliverables were realized while the SGS Maine Pointe team remained vigilant in addressing our concerns around change management and adaptability."
-Jason Higbee, Director of Materials Management, Grimmway Farms

Strengthening Supplier Partnerships to Drive Long-Term Value

"The initiative has not only improved our standing within the existing supplier community but has also provided promising partnerships with new suppliers. These partnerships have revealed new capabilities which will add more incremental, long-term value, taking out cash, driving cost down, and enabling growth of new Sun-Maid products."
-Harry Overly, CEO, Sun-Maid Growers of California

A Premier Partner to Drive Sustainable Change

"We identified several functional areas representing immediate opportunities for sustainable organizational change achievable by high level consulting resources. SGS Maine Pointe’s industry reputation and mastery of the supply chain and logistics body of knowledge uniquely positioned them as the premier partner for this engagement."
-Chip Oxendine, COO, AmerCareRoyal

An Accelerated TVO Approach Met Objectives On Time And Within Budget

"I would like to commend you for doing an outstanding job on our recent engagement to implement a Management Operating System and fast track a strategic procurement initiative to drive operational improvement in our business. The objectives were to drive double digit percentage improvement in our EBITDA by achieving 10% savings in our manufacturing costs and more than 5% savings on our raw material spend. I am pleased to say we met those objectives on time and within budget. SGS Maine Pointe’s Total Value Optimization and procedural approach, coupled with an accelerated schedule, were the key reasons behind our decision to move ahead with the engagement."
-Devlin Riley, President, Borchers

Gaining and Maintaining a Competitive Advantage in the Wake of Tariffs

"We are ahead of our competition in the wake of the tariffs because of the savings we obtained from the project. We continue to cycle the PMOS process and strengthen our position by eliminating waste everywhere we see it. This engineering / procurement team are building skills as subject matter experts and supply chain managers, becoming an asset that will be hard to duplicate. We look at it as the moat surrounding the castle protecting us against competition."
-David Paslay, VP Operational Services and Engineering, Nevco Inc.

A Hands-On, Collaborative Approach to Driving Success

"Many consulting firms will ask questions about your business and regurgitate it to you as a solution to the problem. SGS Maine Pointe’s approach was to deploy very knowledgeable technical detailed resources on the ground that worked hand-in-hand with our employees to understand the operation and develop the right tools for the business to drive the success we needed. From my experience, this sets SGS Maine Pointe apart from other consulting firms."
-Gary McCloskey, VP Operations and Supply Chain, EaglePicher Technologies

Laying the Groundwork for Sustainable Value

"I am happy to report that we were able to accomplish significant savings benefits and gain transparency into spend and supplier relationships as well as establish the groundwork for sustainable value as a result of SGS Maine Pointe’s Total Value Optimization™ approach."
-Richard McEvoy, CEO Vantage Chemicals

Cross-Functional Collaboration for Enhanced Overall Effectiveness

"Working together with the SGS Maine Pointe team, we implemented a date management system for customer orders and a Management Operating System consisting of efficient and effective S&OP meetings and metrics. These tools will support and sustain the changes required to drive continued improvements in the future. As a result, we have increased visibility into upcoming shipments and production inventory issues and promoted collaboration between sales, planning and the plant. This has enabled better responsiveness to customer pick up times and other requirements and strengthened management's ability to set targets and measure performance. I would recommend SGS Maine Pointe to any company looking to enhance overall effectiveness."
-Kelly Hanlon, VP Sales & Marketing Boomerang Tube

Accelerated Results Exceed Expectations

"SGS Maine Pointe took us to a place we didn't know we could get to. Within the turn of a season, they gave us what would have taken three to four years to achieve."
-CEO, Global Food Company

Delivering Value Above Expectations

"I was skeptical of the savings based on our experienced team and vendor knowledge. However, obtaining the bottom line 2 to 1 fee structure was not a problem and we achieved a number exceeding our internal forecast. When we interviewed the SGS Maine Pointe team they stated, ‘we typically achieve the high end of the mid-point,' and our project was no exception."
-Scott Slater, Chief Executive Officer, NBG Home

Sustainable Savings Across Operations & Procurement

"Based on the value SGS Maine Pointe delivered through improving the operations in our Mesquite Mine in California, we agreed to work with them on a Strategic Procurement engagement involving all of our mines in Canada, the U.S., Mexico and Australia. The major objectives were to deliver sustainable savings and to establish solid business processes. SGS Maine Pointe developed cross-functional teams, and worked closely with other Newgold personnel, to achieve sustainable savings across a broad spectrum of non-capital spend. Their approach in working with our people was key to our mutual success. The pragmatic approach of their team laid a solid foundation for ongoing improvements within the New Gold Materials Management organization. SGS Maine Pointe has had a positive impact on our procurement process."
-Robert Gallagher, President and Chief Executive Officer, Newgold

Client Satisfaction

"SGS Maine Pointe has been instrumental in helping guide PotashCorp with our long-term transportation and distribution strategy. With a tremendous team possessing expertise in many disciplines, they were able to communicate knowledge, and effectively transfer it, to our people. We have been extremely pleased with their performance."
-G. David Delaney Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, PotashCorp

Sustainable Change

"Through our project with SGS Maine Pointe, we connected decades of internal process knowledge with a contemporary 'tool kit' that delivered tremendous financial results. We took a very good business and made it a much better one. Our staff acquired new skills that have continued to guide our journey of improvement. The change process wasn't easy, but it was worth it, and we have regularly engaged SGS Maine Pointe as trusted, knowledgeable advisors long after the project concluded."
-Kent Davies, President, CPFilms

Understanding Supply Chain Risks and Opportunities

"Our supplier base now understands that Astec brings a much larger spend to the market than was previously visible, and our organization understands the risks and opportunities within our supply chain. I would recommend SGS Maine Pointe to any organization looking to transform its procurement, sales and operations planning and data analytics capabilities into competitive advantages."
-Rick Dorris, Interim CEO and COO, Astec Industries

Significant ROI

"SGS Maine Pointe's well-educated professionals with their significant, practical, hands-on experience brought a unique set of competencies to the partnership with Solutia. Specifically, their capabilities and deep expertise in Operations Excellence and Logistics provided us with significant ROI across several of our divisions. They met or exceeded our expectations."
-James R Voss, Executive Vice President Global Operations, Solutia Inc.

Sustained Cost Reduction

"SGS Maine Pointe's unique approach to organization and capability development has driven a significant and sustainable 6% reduction in total food cost."
-Adam Noyes, Senior Vice President Supply Chain, Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc

Stronger Collaborative Relationships with Customers and Brand Owners

"The engagement improved our standing not only with the supplier community but awakened new and promising partnership discussions with our current customers and brand owners. We can now leverage our growth not only with cost but, more importantly, around total supply chain efficiency."
-Richard McEvoy CEO Voyant Beauty

Infusion of Best Practice for Sustained Savings

"SGS Maine Pointe performed a comprehensive analysis of our company's Procurement and Logistics practices, assigning a very experienced team that worked diligently with our internal people to identify significant savings opportunities in direct raw materials purchases, indirect spending, and logistics. More importantly the processes, procedures, training, contract template and toolkit developed by SGS Maine Pointe forms a solid foundation and framework for Resco to maintain the savings long after the engagement has ended. Despite a myriad of challenges throughout the assignment, SGS Maine Pointe remained impartial, professional and focused. I would highly recommend them to any procurement organization looking to fast track the identification of opportunities."
-Richard McEvoy CEO Voyant Beauty

Cost Savings and Improved Throughout

"We are saving over $2 million per month and $24 million annually due to being in the rare circumstance of having customers who want as much as we can make. SGS Maine Pointe's ability to reduce our costs was a worthy accomplishment. However, it was the methods they employed to increase our throughput that was really outstanding. Our shareholders are both rejoicing and patting themselves on the back for having engaged SGS Maine Pointe."
-Paul Anderson, Chief Executive Officer, Quebecor Semline Corporation

Unique Guarantee

"SGS Maine Pointe's unique approach to a savings guarantee for clients, combined with their deep knowledge and practical work experience in supply chain management, sets them apart from others. Through an intense evaluation of existing practices and their focus on low capital investment solutions, sustainable process improvements are developed and implemented that yield real and measurable benefits for the long term."
-Blaine Higgs, Former Director Logistics and Distribution, Irving Oil

Senior SMEs Working Seamlessly with Teams

"The SGS Maine Pointe team applied a 'roll up your sleeves and get to work' approach to our engagement that identified areas for improvement as well as detailed processes to implement and monitor the success in sales and operations planning, maintenance and operations. Their team blended seamlessly with our personnel to work great together. All of the Albemarle team members enjoyed their interaction with SGS Maine Pointe and appreciated the leadership style that they brought to the project. We feel that our investment in SGS Maine Pointe was well worth it; the project rendered the tools and processes necessary for us to sustain improvements."
-Luther C Kissam IV, President, Albemarle Corporation

Experienced Team

"SGS Maine Pointe assigned an experienced team and MRO industry experts that worked diligently with our existing procurement personnel to strategically source our entire professional and indirect materials spend. Given the diverse nature of BioScrip's locations, the initiative took several months to successfully implement. The processes, procedures, contract template and toolkit developed by SGS Maine Pointe laid a solid foundation for improvement going forward. Despite many challenges throughout the assignment, the SGS Maine Pointe team remained impartial, professional and focused on identifying strategic suppliers that would add value and reduce costs to BioScrip."
-Robert F Roose Jr,Senior Vice President/Chief Procurement Officer, BioScrip Inc.

Optimized the Supply Chain

"I would recommend SGS Maine Pointe to any organization looking to optimize their supply chain capabilities."
-Chief Executive Officer, GSE Environmental

Industry Expertise

"We embarked upon a strategic sourcing procurement project with SGS Maine Pointe within our Jen-Coat division. They assigned a team of experienced consultants and packaging industry experts that worked diligently with our existing procurement personnel to strategically source all of our existing raw materials and indirect materials spend. Following a very intense, challenging, and demanding seven months we jointly identified, and agreed on, a number of sourcing initiatives that will significantly add to the profitability of our Jen-Coat operating division. Despite many challenges throughout the assignment, the SGS Maine Pointe team remained impartial, professional, and focused."
-Tim French, Chief Operating Officer, Packaging Solutions Holdings, Inc.

Higher Quality Product/Lower Purchase Price

"The real significance of this project outside the obvious immediate savings is the longer term value that GSE will receive in higher quality product at a lower purchase price."
-Jeff Nigh, EVP Operations, GSE Environmental

Infused the Right Tools & Processes

"Thanks to SGS Maine Pointe, we are not only functioning as a single strategic sourcing unit but we now have the tools and vision to continue striving towards a world-class organization."
-Randy McLean, Director of Materials Management, Cleaver-Brooks

Successful Culture Change

"It was a simple decision to bring in SGS Maine Pointe to support our management team in planning and facilitating the largest undertaking in our company’s history: a complete structural and cultural change for our operations. Each SGS Maine Pointe team member was a true expert in their field, able to share best in practice applications and maximize the value added."
-President, Major Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Supply Company

Reduced Logistics Costs by 25%

"The SGS Maine Pointe team ‘opened our eyes’, challenged our thinking, and helped us reduce our total North American logistics costs to some 25% less."
-Herm Canil Director, Purchasing and Supply Chain, PGW Glass, LLC

Delivered Above ExpectationsDelivered Above Expectations

"Congratulations to SGS Maine Pointe for a job well done. You have gone above your commitment and been instrumental in the building of our new plant as well as the success of our procurement team."
-Mienolf Schmidt Purchasing Leader, Automobile Engine Manufacturer

Improved Supplier Relationships

"The processes developed during this project have allowed us to re-address the relationships with our suppliers where GSE is the customer."
-Jeff Nigh, EVP Operations, GSE Environmental

Exceeded Savings Targets

"I am happy to report that not only were our joint savings targets exceeded, but that our supplier relationships and transparency have also improved. The practical and hands-on approach of the SGS Maine Pointe team has laid a solid foundation for on-going improvements."
-Bill Grainger, Director of Transportation, Suncor Energy Inc.

Improved Cycle Time

"SGS Maine Pointe worked quickly to improve CSX cycle time. Within the first month we had a meeting with the senior CSX team and a month after engagement we started seeing improved results."
-Gary Hewes, VP Operations Support & Process Improvement, Enviro Solutions (ESI)

Operational Due Diligence

"SGS Maine Pointe’s Operational Due Diligence services were critical in helping us gain insight and build confidence in the potential operational value creation opportunities for a strategic acquisition. The level of insight and category expertise demonstrated by their subject matter experts was second to none. I would not hesitate to recommend SGS Maine Pointe as a highly professional, responsive and results-driven partner."
-Thomas Lynch, Senior Managing Director, Mill Road Capital

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