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Digital and AI Solutions

Leverage AI-powered actionable insights to optimize operations and create an on-demand supply chain and operation, gaining a competitive advantage.

A Five-Step AI-Powered Digital Transformation Approach

Working collaboratively with senior executives and functional managers we take a rapid and pragmatic approach to digitizing and optimizing your supply chain and operations for actionable insights and enhanced management and control:

1. Requirements Gathering/Data Mapping: Identifies business needs, maps data sources and defines KPIs and success metrics.

2. Rapid Prototyping/Design: Develops AI-powered prototypes, designs system architecture and validates with stakeholders.

3. Review/Build: Reviews prototypes, builds scalable solutions and performs rigorous performance tests.

4. Deploy: Implements solutions across the organization, ensuring integration and monitoring deployment.

5. Handover/Documentation/Training: Provides documentation, conducts training and offers ongoing support and updates.

This pragmatic step-by-step transformational approach is integrated part of our Total Value Optimization™ approach to supply chain and operations transformation and optimization.


Command & Control From a Single Location 

We work with clients to build a centralized digital hub that helps executives visualize, analyze, simulate, optimize and control their supply chain and operations.



Functional Scope

Working with your team, our experienced data analyst, data architecture and digital solutions experts work in collaboration with our planning, procurement, operations and logistics consultants to build out your centralized TVO digital hub spanning your entire plan-buy-make-move digital supply chain and operation.



Supply Chain Design Module —
TVO Control Tower™

In the fast-evolving business landscape, traditional supply chain optimization models are struggling to keep pace. Our digital supply chain design approach helps executives transform their supply chain and manufacturing operations with advanced, customized solutions designed to rapidly adapt to ever-evolving market demands. 


  • Boost EBITDA: Cost reduction and improved efficiency enhance financial performance, mitigating disruptions and economic fluctuations.
  • Agile Operations: Real-time data enables quick responses and strategic decision-making, staying ahead of market changes.
  • Strategic Alignment: Optimizing for overall cost, cash, service, and resilience, aligning operations with business goals and enhancing EBITDA.
  • Operational Efficiency: End-to-end optimization balances the market, improving service levels and efficiency.
  • Future-Proofing Growth: Preparing for future challenges turns the supply chain into a strategic asset, driving ongoing success and competitiveness.
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Integrated Business Planning Module  – TVO Control Tower™

Our digital integrated business planning approach helps executives to balance supply and demand in a manner that achieves the financial and service objectives of the organization. It helps optimize alignment, synchronization and responsiveness across the demand-driven end-to-end supply chain and operation.


  • Alignment Across Departments: Ensures all departments (sales, finance, operations, etc.) are aligned with a unified plan, leading to cohesive and strategic decision-making
  • Improved Forecast Accuracy: Enhances demand planning and forecasting accuracy, reducing the risk of overproduction or stockouts.
  • Optimized Inventory Levels: Balances inventory levels to meet demand without overstocking, thereby reducing carrying costs and waste.
  • Enhanced Financial Performance: Provides better visibility into financial implications of operational decisions, leading to improved financial performance and profitability.
  • Increased Agility and Responsiveness: Enables the organization to quickly adapt to market changes and disruptions with a proactive planning approach.

Procurement Module –
TVO Control Tower™

Our digital procurement TVO Control Tower provides executives with a comprehensive real-time view of portfolio companies, or a single organization’s, procurement operation’s health, supply base and behavior. It enables organizations to visualize then identify priorities and optimize spend performance through AI and automation.


  • Enables EBITDA and cash improvement across direct and indirect procurement spend.
  • Drives visibility, accountability and control of spend, usage and performance.

Reduces risk by:

  • Understanding weaknesses across your supply base.
  • Identifying non-compliance to preferred suppliers and off-contract spend.
  • Preserving strategic procurement benefits and savings.
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Operations Module –
TVO Control Tower™

Drive manufacturing excellence by gaining network-wide visibility to manufacturing operations with connected people, processes and devices to inform quantitative decision making through insightful and transparent reporting.


  • Increased productivity by identifying and eliminating bottlenecks.
  • Reduction in operating costs through efficient resource utilization.
  • Improved quality with early identification and resolution of issues.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction with better on-time delivery performance.
  • Faster decision-making due to real-time data and performance projections.
  • From a single view drill down from executive management metrics through to the shop floor. 

The resilient, agile, digitally enabled supply chain of the future  

With only one in 50 digital supply chain transformation programs having a measurable ROI business case, many executives remain confused about digital supply chain transformation and where to start.

This FAQ perspectives paper answers some frequently asked questions to help you navigate your way to a measurable, digitally-led and demand-driven future.

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Leveraging the Latest Digital and AI Technologies to Drive Value Fast

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