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Here you’ll find valuable supply chain, operations and industry insights on how to improve performance. You can also see our multimedia resources and catch up on our latest news.

maximing esg through roi white paper thumbnail image

Maximizing ESG ROI through advanced analytics: unlocking the true potential

Up to 90% of companies claim to engage in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives. Yet 59% are prepared to abandon those plans if a recession hits.

Optionality Mitigates thumbnail image

Optionality Mitigates Future Uncertainty and Supply Chain Risk

Capacity, Geographic, and Supplier Optionality Reduce Risk While Increasing ROI

working capital opinion paper dan ginsberg 2023 (800px)

Working capital takes top priority in 2023

While growth and positive returns have always been a priority regardless of pandemics and macroeconomic disruptions, how one goes about achieving that growth and those returns has changed. 

usa-chemical-industry-energy-intensity-and-costs cover image

Energy Outlook 2023
Part 2
The U.S. Chemical Industry, Energy Intensity, and Costs

Increased demand for natural gas export along with decreased capital expenditures for oil and gas will result in tightening supply available to U.S. consumers.

pragmatic approach to tackling disruptions in consumer goods and retail supply chains white paper book cover image (750px) 
The pragmatic approach to tackling disruptions in consumer goods and retail supply chains

What executive leaders need today is a pragmatic approach to tackle these challenges and control the variables they can control. 

a new lens for making multimillion dollar decisions 

A new lens for optimizing multimillion-dollar decisions

SGS Maine Pointe has developed a new lens for optimizing decision making across the end-to-end supply chain. 

Maximizing EBITDA Cover image 
Maximizing EBITDA, Profits, Cash Flow, and Growth from Supply Chain Integration

In order to increase EBITDA, profits, cash flow, and growth from an integrated supply chain, every process, activity, role, data flow, and technology must focus on meeting organizational goals. 

energy outlook part 1 storm clouds gathering for energy prices, 800px 

Energy Outlook 2023
Part 1
Storm Clouds Gathering for Energy Prices

A reshuffling of global natural gas supply and increased renewable power generation will result in higher U.S. energy prices in the near term.

3 Keys to Recession Proofing the Chemical Industry Supply Chain book image v2 

3 Keys to Recession Proofing the Chemical Industry Supply Chain

How the Chemical Industry Must Prepare Now for 2023-24 Recession

Part 1 ESG Best Practices Book Image 02-14-22 

2021-2022 ESG Series (Part 1 of 3)

An overview of ESG, and its impact on the financial, social, and sustainability efforts of a company. 

ESG Best Practices Book Image 02-14-22-2-4 

2021-2022 ESG Series (Part 2 of 3)

Your ESG goals will begin to take shape by first being clear about your purpose.

ebook generating roi from esg email image 

2021-2022 ESG Series (Part 3 of 3)

Generating a ROI on ESG is essential for the long-term sustainability of an organization.

bob brennan opinion piece 05-03-22 

Growth will depend on operational strategy

The disruptions we continue to see in the supply chain are laying bare the winners and losers.

MSU AA&D Thumbnail Border 

 Is today's supply base terminally ill?

 Have you got a back-up plan

Digitally Enabled SC Perspectives Thumbnail-1 

 Digital Supply Chain

Your questions answered

GSCI synchronization icon-1 

Supply Chain Synchronization

Orchestrating a winning strategy

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Supply Chain Collaboration

End-to-end  supply chain collaboration best practices 

Cover Image Shareholder Value-1-1   

Driving Shareholder Value

The  link between shareholder value and supply chain performance 

Border GSCI Integrated Supply Chain Thumbnail-365267-edited     

Supply Chain Integration Strategy

Redefining the value derived from end-to-end integrated supply chains 

MSU Supply Chain Paper Thumbnail with outline-2-1

     The Future of the Supply Chain

Is today's supply chain model dead? Executive discussion paper

MSU Rail Optimization Thumbnail         

The Future of Rail

Creating a win, win, win outcome for all stakeholders



Accelerating product time-to-market and product lifecycle optimization

Data-Analytics-Perspectives-cover-1Data Analytics

Actionable insights to optimize operations and implement an on-demand supply chain

S&OP perspectives paper thumbnail-1

Sales & Operations Planning

Optimizing alignment, synchronization and responsiveness across the demand-driven supply chain