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Expediting a Manufacturer’s Goal to Double Revenue (CS267)

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A leading provider of cables and cable systems aimed to double in size in 5 years but faced problems with space, scalability, and information hoarding.

With little visibility into their supply chain, the company struggled to decide if they should relocate to gain space. A lack of people, planning, scheduling, and training had left manufacturing staff struggling to improve operations. Some machines were running at 80% of speed and too many were idle.

A disconnect between HR, leadership, and the manufacturing floor compromised safety, productivity, and the data needed for decision making and gap analysis.




The Results with SGS-Maine Pointe:

  • Clarified decision to relocate distribution center, which would double size of manufacturing area and make the supply chain more efficient.
  • Brought $3M to $5M in incremental profit by increasing production throughput 14%, with improved staffing, less machine downtime, and faster running speeds.
  • Identified potential for further increases in future manufacturing capacity by closing staffing and planning gaps.
  • Drove business value by creating and implementing more than 20 safety, productivity, onboarding, and training improvements.
  • Closed disconnect between HR, operations, leadership, and manufacturing floor with Daily Schedule Control, Warehouse Transition plan, and Plant Improvement plan and with greater visibility into the supply chain.
  • 5:1 ROI in year one.

Download the PDF to read the full story. 

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