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Client Video: Improve competitiveness and position the company for growth


The CFO of Titan International, a world-leading manufacturer of off-the-road tires and tracks, describes how SGS Maine Pointe's Total Value Optimization (TVO)™ approach helped deliver measurable value during the pandemic, improve competitiveness and position the company for growth.

The video describes:

  • The challenges facing the organization, including competitive and commodity headwinds

  • The solutions, such as strategic sourcing and SIOP, were implemented as part of a step-by-step TVO transformation journey

The results:

  • Saved 15% in procurement of logistics (TL and LTL), 7% in steel (in a rising market), and 19% in MRO/indirect​
  • Developed reliable data and improved demand forecasting​
  • Implemented S&OP processes for continued planning and manufacturing efficiencies​
  • Developed an annual sourcing plan for cross-functional teams to follow for future benefits ​
  • Challenged and, where appropriate, replaced incumbent suppliers with alternative qualified suppliers for some materials​
  • Achieved a 4:1 engagement ROI​
  • Improved EBITDA by 11%

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