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Expediting post-merger integration to maximize synergy savings (CS268)




This story is for CEOs who

  1. Seek synergy savings after a merger

  2. Must quickly align two diverse cultures

  3. Lack standardization, change management, and governance tools and resources


The Challenges

A manufacturer of simulators for commercial airlines and aircraft manufacturers acquired a manufacturer of simulators for the military. Both companies were eager to join forces but the differences between their two cultures threatened the relationship and the $30 million of post-integration savings that the company had identified.


Using process and value stream mapping to align procedures and gain synergy savings

SGS Maine Pointe:

  • A master scheduler that provided a flexible but precise focus on progress toward daily, weekly, and monthly objectives and completion of the overall plan
  • Visual alerts—early warning indicators (EWIs)—for late starts or late completes
  • A process tracker that analyzed the impact of changes on the company, whether
  • for individual functions like sales or for overall risk
  • An owner, responsible, inform, consult, and inform (ORCI) system to ensure accountability
  • A cultural matrix that identified and unified the company behind a consistent set of values
  • A change ambassador network that kept information flowing and helped answer “what’s in it for me” (WIFM) concerns


Lessons learned for other executives

  • A successful integration requires in-depth analysis of culture, processes, and systems
  • Removing barriers to change requires boots-on-the-ground analysis and negotiation
  • Sustainable change requires customized tools and clarity about roles


The Results

  • Exceeded expected synergy savings by 25%, for a total of $40+ million
  • Chartered 650 tasks and milestones in detail, with daily and weekly updates of progress to plan and with consistent KPIs and metrics
  • Embedded early warning indicators (EWIs) for late starts or late completes to keep the progress on schedule from day one 
  • Developed one culture, standardized business and work processes, and increased cross-functional collaboration and accountability
  • 5:1 ROI

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