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Reduce costs, win bids and maintain profitability (CS167)


Our client is the world’s leading producer of geosynthetic linings, a product used in the creation of plastic linings for landfills, mining
applications and other end uses.

Despite having emerged from bankruptcy with renewed strength and liquidity, the company was suffering fall out effects in terms of how it was perceived by its suppliers and customers. The company’s two Private Equity owners recognized that they needed to make rapid and sustainable changes to the cost structure and asked SGS-Maine Pointe to deliver these changes by:

  1. Identifying ‘quick wins’ where immediate savings could be made.
  2. Re-addressing the supply base from a domestic and global perspective and re-building the company’s damaged reputation.
  3. Re-engineering the alternative resins selection process to enhance overall quality, cost and operational efficiency.
  4. Implementing a strategic procurement organization with supporting documentation and training on world-class procurement policies and procedures to ensure that savings would be repeatable and sustainable.

How did this become a success story...? Download the PDF to find out.

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